What to wear on Valentine’s Day

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I’ve never been one to swoon over Valentine’s Day, unless that Valentine’s Day includes cocktails with Justin Timberlake. Regardless of how I feel about this compulsory holiday, Valentine’s Day was on my agenda. Consequently, in an effort to prep myself for a possible date night with blogger’s husband, I wanted to test-drive a couple of outfit options. I thought it would be fun to consider playing different characters with my clothing choices and decided to focus on what to wear on Valentine’s Day. In my mind, I envisioned one outfit to channel a sultry, confident vixen. On the other side, I also envisioned an outfit to encapsulate sweet and romantic. Hopefully, the following outfits will inspire either sweet or sultry with your future fashion choices.

I’ll tell you a little secret about why I enjoy dressing up. One of the primary reasons I like dressing up is to show my appreciation for my guy. Men are very visual; whereas, women tend to be more visceral. Much to the chagrin of blogger’s husband, I am heavily guided by my emotions. Granted, this is only my opinion, but men tend to be more sense oriented. I love seeing the delight on my husband’s face when I’m well turned out. It makes me happy. Does being fashionable make me feel confident and good about myself? Absolutely. But it also happens to serve a dual purpose, so it’s a win-win.

Dusty rose is even more feminine when delicate ruffles and soft textures are in play.

Obviously, different social plans call for different outfits. I’m all for jeans and heels/flats when you’re going for low-key or staying home to pay your power bill. But, if there is one thing that gives me anxiety, it’s being under dressed for a nice restaurant or a night out.

Since V-Day conjures up images of sweet confections and pastel colors, I thought this pretty dusty rose, off the shoulder dress was an apt choice. I’m keen on the ruching and the delicate, gauzy ruffles of this Majorelle dress because it creates soft texture and gently hugs the body. This dress is very forgiving because it’s not tight. It is form fitting, but not in the “squeeze yourself into a sausage casing” kind of way. No SPANX needed ladies. Not only is this dress flirty, the off the shoulder silhouette and lace-up bodice, turns up the romanticism.

Who says romantic can’t be combined with bold accessories? Define your uniqueness and make a statement with accent pieces.

When your outfit coordinates with your surroundings….

For my second look, a dash of dark romance combined with the sensuality of leopard print, pushed the limits on what I typically wear. I wanted my second outfit to embody a woman who is fearless and confident with her fashion choices. Leopard print (simply on its own) and black lace seem to convey an inner confidence, glamour, and sensuality. Therefore, I decided to push the sartorial envelop by incorporating both into my ensemble.

Black lace always feels glamorous, especially when it’s a lace bodysuit

I’ve always loved lace. Depending on the texture and type, lace can convey everything from innocence to desire.  Simply put….lace invokes an emotional response. Combined with the other fabrics and textures, lace can add powerful innuendo to any outfit. If wearing lace isn’t for you, consider lace accessories such as earrings, a clutch with lace details, gloves, and even hosiery.

Check out these beautiful lace chandelier earrings from Etsy here. These babies are gorgeous! Gunne Sax Riley Lace Envelop Clutch here.  Handmade lace gloves from Etsy here. Lace tights here.

Be a fashion provocateur by wearing lace underpinnings as part of your outfit!

I chose a blazer to tie the ensemble together; although, a fitted cardigan or a duster would’ve also been a nice option. A blazer adds refinement, in addition to toning down the suggestiveness of my LaPerla bodysuit. To really amp up the femme fatale factor, my black over the knee boots play off the provocativeness of the lace.

This Valentine’s Day, be a little dangerous and channel your inner femme fatale.

As an aside, these outfits are not exclusive to Valentine’s Day. Wear them on a hot date or a night out with your girlfriends. Mix things up and be playful. And while you’re celebrating in style, let your clothes bring out a different “you”.

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