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**This post was sponsored by JTV. I was paid for this post and received JTV jewelry pieces as compensation**

Hello fellow rule breakers! So, today I’m talking about jewelry….specifically, Turquoise! For this blog post, I’ve partnered with JTV.com to showcase a collection of turquoise treasures hand picked by yours truly! Yay! As most of you know, I tend to value classic, timeless pieces I can wear again and again.  However, my alter ego also covets distinctive, stand out pieces as well. This applies for both my clothing and my jewelry. Consequently, the turquoise jewelry I received from JTV absolutely exceeded my expectations!  From bold to feminine, JTV’s jewelry did not disappoint. Read on to see how I styled my new turquoise jewelry from JTV for the upcoming Spring season. Hope you enjoy the following selections as much as I do!

You wouldn’t know it from this pic, but my gifted turquoise pieces had me sashaying with giddiness and joy. What girl doesn’t love an assortment of small treasures?

I love Turquoise for its versatility and its unique patina. It’s bold when set against a buttery gold and sparkles when set within a shiny silver. Believe it or not, turquoise is one of the world’s oldest gemstones and is also quite rare. It was one of the first gemstones discovered by humans. (I had no idea until I did some research)

The Native Americans call it the “sky stone” and consider it a sacred stone for health, happiness, and protection. When you think of turquoise, do you automatically associate it with the Southwest?  Although most people seem to associate this gem with a Southwestern visage, turquoise jewelry comes in many different styles. While browsing JTV’s online selection of turquoise, I had a difficult time narrowing down my selections. There were too many stunning pieces to choose from!

So a little tidbit about me…..I’m fairly spiritual and have always been intrigued by the energy of crystals and gemstones. I actually consider turquoise to be a very powerful totem and talisman. Now, I’m not the only one who believes this, because turquoise is sacred in many cultures. Turquoise is believed to promote strength, serenity, and peace. So why not stack the rings and pile them on to harness the natural power and energy of this gemstone?

I love the detail, the distinct matrix, and vibrance of the stones! These small treasures had me drooling!

Left to right: Purchase SS 3 stone ring here  I love this ring….total texture city. A unique ring to wear on your index or middle finger.

SS Oval Cabochon ring here  The intricate details around the stone really grabbed me. It also has some heft to it. A wonderful right hand ring.

SS 5 Stone Cabochon ring here  The simple clean lines and graduated symmetry of the ring really appealed to me.

USE CODE: JTVFREE for free shipping on your purchase!

Stand out in a sea of blue Turquoise

Let’s kick things off with a couple of looks. I think it’s safe to say, we all look forward to nature’s rebirth from it’s winter hibernation. Turquoise and Spring go together like “April showers bring May flowers.”  To me, it signifies the blues of winter melting into the lush greens of spring to create the beauty that is turquoise. I’m keen on the juxtaposition of a bright turquoise against the skin. It’s like wearing a piece of blue sky on your wrist. Aren’t these bracelets and rings fabulous??!!

These pretty jaunty pieces pop against any skin tone!

JTV’s Sterling Silver turquoise cuff bracelet here |  SS sliding oval turquoise bracelet here

How lovely are these beauties? Don’t they catch your eye?

Generally, Turquoise is most commonly paired with silver. Therefore, when I spied this gorgeous teardrop pendant set against a rich gold, I knew I wanted it. The contrast of turquoise and gold is wonderful because you don’t see this color combination very often. To complement and highlight this lovely turquoise necklace, I styled it with a rich, yellow-colored dress. Not only does it complement the turquoise, the yellow makes the turquoise come alive. Don’t you think your eyes are drawn to it against a jewel-toned backdrop?

This simple turquoise pendant makes a statement and calls for an open neckline!

I happened to wear my silver pieces with the gold teardrop necklace. Some might be aghast at mixing metals; however, I’ve never abided by that rule. I’m a rule breaker, right? Besides, it really works with this outfit. My floral dress is a warm jewel tone, accented with a light green in a cooler palette. Therefore, the darker matrix of the turquoise complements the yellow, while the green in my dress serves to enhance the turquoise pendant even more.

Turquoise jewelry delight!!

I also wanted to challenge myself to wear this my jewelry in an unexpected way.  In my opinion, when you boil it down, turquoise is a power piece.  Images of cowgirls, big belt buckles, and weathered western boots all smack of strength, resourcefulness, and grit.   Frankly, conveying a subtle image of strength can go a long way when closing a business deal or marking your presence at a social function. Military-styled wear is also a power move, but obviously not related to western attire, unless you’re General Custer. I chose to wear my teardrop pendant with a military-style jacket and a simple unadorned white t-shirt (Anyone remember that volleyball scene from Top Gun? One of my favorite movies!) to demonstrate how turqoise can move from the wild west to soldatesque.

The Military-esque style is an unexpected pairing with turquoise, but it works!

To be honest, before teaming up with JTV, I wasn’t very familiar with the company or their concept. However, I soon discovered JTV to be one of the largest retailers of jewelry and gemstones in the United States! With bright colors and statement-sized pieces, JTV.com proves their collection of turquoise baubles are not only fun to wear, they’re also a formidable fashion statement for any woman. Go to JTV.com to browse and drool over the smattering of their beautiful turquoise selections and other fabulous jewelry items. So, raise your hand if you want any of these delightful turquoise morsels I showcased in this post! Yep, me too!

With all these amazing pieces in this post, which would you pick? I’d love to hear your thoughts about all these fantastic turquoise pieces! Don’t forget to use code “JTVFREE” for free shipping on your purchase!


SS Turquoise Oval Ring

Pear Shape SS Turquoise Ring

SS 5 Stone Cabochon Turquoise Ring 

18K Gold Teardrop Turquoise Pendant

SS Turquoise Cabochon Cuff Bracelet

Sliding SS Oval Turquoise Bracelet

As always, thank you for reading…xoxo, Dayna.

**My blog may contain links to other websites. I am not responsible for the privacy policies of those other websites. When you click on a link, your information may be collected by those websites so I encourage you to read their privacy policies. these affiliate links are not associated with jtv.**

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