Transitioning into spring

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With Spring around the corner, dressing for weather that can be unpredictable, is a daunting task. It’s hot, it’s cold, and then it’s hot again. Brisk mornings are a joy to dress for, but as the temperatures climb, one might regret wearing that heavier layer. Arizona has gone from the cool 60’s to the high 80’s within a week’s time frame. My only relief from full body pastiness is a tan from a recent vacation to Mexico. (thank goodness!) So the burning question….how to dress for that fickle time period between winter and spring? To prevent any awkward dressing dilemmas, here are a few of my tips for transitioning into spring.

Not quite ready to be full of the joys of spring

1. Layer It. I’m fairly certain I’ve become a broken record with this tip, but layering your clothing will ensure you’re ready for any variable weather patterns. (Am I channeling my inner Meteorologist, or what?) Hence, lightweight cardigans, denim jackets, a trench or a military jacket, and scarves are all great items for creating a stylish Spring look.

2. Lighten Up. Pair a lighter color with dark denim. Wear a lightweight sweater with a light colored flowy skirt. There’s no rule stating we can’t pair lighter colors with our darker winter colors. I think it’s a great way to introduce those lighter spring colors into our wardrobes!

To have and to hold…

3. Go Bare. I know it’s easy to freak out that our bodies haven’t seen the light of day in months, but don’t let that hold you back from showing a little skin. Start sloooooowly. You can start baring skin in small increments by wearing a sleeveless blouse or a tank top under a jacket. Open up your neckline, show off the decolletage, let your skin see the sun and breathe!

Giving winter the cold shoulder…

4. Incorporate Color. Don’t be afraid to wear bright colors and color combinations. Pink and red is a color combo I’m keen on right now because it’s bold, bright and feminine. Feel free to pair pink with orange, blue with red, yellow with black….the possibilities are endless!

5. The Military Jacket. This isn’t really a style tip as much as a trend tip. I’m predicting The Utilitarian/Military look is going to be a fairly prolific trend this season. A military inspired jacket or shirt is a fashionable piece to layer over a tank, shirt, blouse, or lightweight sweater. Although the jacket I’m showcasing in this post isn’t your traditional military inspired piece, it has a slight military vibe to it because of the light green/mustard color, the peplum shape, and the piping on the jacket. To amp up the outfit, I added a small dose of color with a vibrant blue neck scarf. The military trend is a style I’m completely looking forward to exploiting this Spring. Now that I’ve mentioned one of my favorite trends, I’ve culled a few of my favorite lustworthy pieces, in addition to a few similar jackets to the one I’m wearing, for your perusing pleasure. I may just heed my own fashion advice and make a purchase off my own list!

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Love that peplum jacket, looking fab as always! Scared to peel off any layers because I’m sure I’m going to let out a little scream once I see my pastey skin and winter rolls… Michelin man status.