The W Hotel Punta de Mita, Part II

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Welcome to my second installment chronicling our stay at The W Hotel Punta de Mita, Part II. I last signed off with a margarita in my hand whilst watching the sunset with blogger’s husband. Speaking of blogging, is there a better place to sit and edit photos and content than the pool and beach? Although we were on holiday, this trip to Mexico was a partial working vacation for me. Subsequently, between photography, editing, and posting pictures to social media, I didn’t even have time to experience The W’s Away Spa. (Cryyyyyyy!)

Can you picture yourself drinking a margarita here?

Look at this stunning beach!!

However, my work place was none too shabby. A plush cabana provided ample shade and unencumbered views of the ocean while working. Situated so close to the ocean, I was able to feel the cool ocean breeze and hear the waves breaking onto shore. Blogger’s husband rented a stand-up paddle board from Wave Surf Shop located at the hotel, and was able to quell his daily surf fix. The service at the pool was of course, superb; attentive staff checked on me throughout the day to ensure there was nothing I was lacking. A bucket of ice with bottled waters? No problem. Extra towels? No problem. A private cabana with an outdoor shower, personal bathroom and electric outlet for my phone and laptop? Again, no problem. I’m sure if I wanted a tv hooked up, they would have obliged. (TV hook ups are in the private cabanas) Consequently, everyone made us feel like royalty.

This is the view from the pool…just steps away from the surf

The Chevycheria bar and seating area alongside the Wet Deck.

If you want to experience a pristine beach, The W has one of the best beaches in the Riviera Nayarit, if not one of the best beaches in the world (but it’s only my opinion). An expanse of soft white sandy beach surrounded by lush vegetation will cast its spell over you. To say it’s magical is an understatement. Nestled up against the beach is the Wet Deck or pool.  A bright turquoise Chevy truck serves as the structural anchor for the pool bar, Chevycheria, and infuses a cool California vibe into the hotel.

For Love & Lemons dress here 

Standing in front of the Chevycheria that serves as their bar.

A munni doll decorated with Mexican flair. “What’s that? Lean in closer and look cute?” “No problem”

Although I wasn’t able to luxuriate in the spa or pamper myself with a spa treatment, I walked away with a few items from the Bliss®️ Spa line-up. The W stocks each room with a small sampling of Bliss®️ products for their hotel guests. I personally love the lemon and sage bar soap. There is something invigorating about using citrus to wash off the day’s sunscreens/oils, salt, and sweat after a beach/pool day. The W definitely gives you something to look forward to when it comes to the bathroom situation. I wish I had taken a video or photo of the enormous and most epic bathtub I’ve ever seen in a hotel room. Large enough to be a plunge pool, it could’ve also fit a party of four!


Now onto the pièce de résistance….FOOD! Blogger’s husband and I dined at the globally renowned Spice Market restaurant located in The W. What can I say about this delightful epicurean experience? Southeast Asian flavors come together for family style communal dining that is out of this world delicious. All dishes are served when ready and blogger’s husband and I were more than ready for our gastronomic feast. Every dish we tried was superb. Every menu item deserved to be listed and showcased. Unfortunately, this was a case of ravenous hunger overtaking my blogging instincts and I neglected to take photographs of our beautifully presented food. I only managed to eek out a picture of our bread/chip offering. However, even the chip bowl looked like a stylized piece of art. If you’re looking to indulge your tastebuds, this restaurant is a culinary knock out. The chef creates extraordinary one of a kind dishes that will blow you away. The flavor combinations were so singular and unexpected, it’s difficult to put into words. They say we eat with our eyes; however, they had me at aroma.

The Spice Market’s proverbial bread box….Handmade tortilla chips.

Heading to dinner with blogger’s husband at the Spice Market…

After our early morning photo sessions, we hit the breakfast buffet at Venuzú. The bright and vibrant colors will awaken your senses, while the food will feed your stomach and soul. The restaurant windows slide into the walls to blend the outdoors with the indoor space, creating a very open dining area.  Guests have the option of the buffet or ordering off the menu.  I eat more than my husband (really!). Therefore, I opted for the breakfast buffet every morning. I can emphatically state I tried everything there was to sample. Fresh juices, fresh seasonal fruit, smoothies, flan, custards, pastries, omelets, french toast, pancakes….I devoured it all. There is not enough I can say about the dining at The W Punta de Mita. Everything was top notch and sublime.

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Breakfast is served Mexican style.

Tacos for dinner at Venuzú

After returning back home and editing many beautiful photos, creating videos, and putting words to paper, my overwhelming conclusion is The W Punta de Mita is an extraordinarily special place. To me, it feels like home. To blogger’s husband, it feels like the most luxurious surf shack on earth. When you stay at The W Hotel, Punta de Mita, it becomes whatever you desire, whenever you desire. There is an innate and simple beauty in the understated modern luxury that is The W. I left part of myself at The W Punta de Mita, yet, I also found part of myself. Experiencing the wondrous beauty of the area, meeting the local people, and discovering those who place faith in my ability to tell a story is both soulful and humbling. Being told we are welcome back at any time is a true honor.

What’s not to love about The W? It’s easy to fall in love with this nirvana

Thank you to all the wonderful staff who made our stay so memorable: Samantha Navarrete, Javier Puente, Eduardo, Diego Padula, all the wait staff, the valet guys, and every W employee to cross our path….it was truly a pleasure. Until next time….Dayna Without Rules.

Thank You for reading, xoxo…Dayna~

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