The W Hotel Punta De Mita, Mexico Pt. I

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Blogging in paradise? I’m in. Blogging about The W Hotel, Punta de Mita, Mexico? Even better. This is my first collaboration with a globally known luxury brand, which makes this blog entry very special to me. Truth be told, I knew The W was synonymous with modern luxury, but I never delved into the culture and ethos behind this progressive brand. Every W Hotel has their own individual style. They are each unique properties mirroring the cultures, aesthetics, and principles of their respective areas. The W Hotel, Punta de Mita graciously hosted blogger’s husband and myself to a few days on property and were fortunate to experience this incredible paradise for ourselves. My final take on The W Hotel Punta de Mita, Mexico….Incomparable Modern Elegance.

Sitting pretty in the Living Room of The W.

Everything about this incredible resort resonated with me. Blogger’s husband and I were awestruck simply driving along the man-made cobblestone road through the beautifully wild, yet manicured jungle. After passing the first two gates, the valet attendants handed us watermelon and basil coolers. Talk about taking the edge off the humidity! These drinks were so fresh, I didn’t know what to do with the watermelon seeds floating around in my glass. To swallow said seeds or be unladylike and spit them back into my glass? Vacation dilemmas! From the valet port, guests can opt to ride in the golf cart, grab one of the awaiting bicycles, or hop onto a push scooter and let gravity wheel them down to the front desk.  We opted out of the scooters and bicycles and decided to hitch a ride on the golf cart. (We were tired!)

Posing with my basil-watermelon cooler at the valet entrance.

I walked into the lobby and paused to take it in. After being in the bright and sunny jungle, entering the cool, tranquil lobby was like entering an indoor oasis. I walked around and admired the white metal screens cut and painted with cool Mexican iconography. The images included Frida Kahlo on a surfboard, Dia de los Muertos skulls, and Lucha Libre wrestling masks.

Waiting for Frida Kahlo….

As I looked down, I was standing on an intricately tiled mosaic. If a hotel has a heart, then the vibrant hand-tiled mosaic is the heart of this hotel. Beginning near the front desk, it spans 460 feet as it runs down the central stairs, through the bar, and up and over the edge of the pool. Local artisans meticulously hand-laid the mosaic using 751,184 tiles, while featuring Huichol-inspired artwork.  The Huichol are the local natives from the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range in Mexico.  The W Hotel demonstrates respect and reverence for native traditions throughout their entire property.  I feel this resort, more than any other, exists as much to honor the local culture and wild spirit of the region as it does in making guests feel pampered.

Under a canopy of clouds, the mosaic carpet appears to run straight into the vast ocean beyond…

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Making guests feel pampered is evident in their “Whatever, Whenever®️” service philosophy. Whatever you want. Whenever you want it (as long as it’s legal). During our stay, what really stood out to me was the attentiveness to all their guests. There was not a day that passed without someone inquiring if there was anything blogger’s husband and I needed or simply taking the time to chat with us. This service is extended to every guest who walks through the doors of The W Hotel, Punta de Mita. This is such a simple thing, yet, it goes such a long way.  One evening, we called the front desk to inquire about the location of the ice machine. Instead of directing us to the ice machine, a small cooler filled with ice was promptly delivered to our room! Talk about a call to action….and I still had a cooler full of ice the next morning!


We both remarked on the clean, smooth architectural lines of the resort. For myself, part of The W Hotel’s allure lies within its understated and subtle luxury; because subtlety is nuanced. It’s a property making its own rules in the luxury hotel market. Classy yet ultra hip. Modern yet minimal. Luxury without ostentation. Bold and vibrant, yet simultaneously well-appointed and impressive. The W’s modern and hip sensibility lends itself to an upscale and sensuous aesthetic.

An aerial view of the property

When we arrived, blogger’s husband took notice of the dimly lit lobby and the manually opening doors to the hotel entrance.  We soon discovered The W  has a highly eco-conscious footprint. (Bonus points for doing their part to reduce carbon emissions) Poured from concrete, the hotel rooms are a bungalow style. Each bungalow comes with an enclosed front porch and rear sun deck. From the outside, the rooms are intentionally designed to be unobtrusive. Consequently, the hotel will blend into its jungle surroundings as the walls become encased by thick vines and foliage. As we walked from our room to the beach, we became immersed in the surrounding jungle with little sense of the hotel around us.

The most peaceful and verdant hallway you will ever walk.


The rooms are quirky and comfortable.  Bright Mexican-hued colors blend seamlessly with the modern lines of the room. The bed featured a headboard made from well-used surfboards. Being surfers, both of us were instantly charmed.  The view from our room was to a man-made lake that blended seamlessly with the blue ocean beyond.  This was paradise in every sense of the word. Because each bungalow has a front porch and rear deck, the property takes advantage of Mexico’s open-air living lifestyle. The moment you step on property, it feels magical.

As Beyoncé would say…”surfboard, surfboard”

I spend much more time behind the camera than you think…

Lake and ocean views in the background…only wish I had utilized the chaise lounge! (You can buy Maxi wrap skirt here)

After we settled in, we headed back to The Living Room for a margarita to celebrate our arrival. Finding the bar is easy. Hop on the Huichol Mosaic (carpet) from either the front desk or the pool and you’ll find yourself situated under a chandelier of 500 LED votives. Reminiscent of the traditional votives found in Mexican churches, the LEDs suspended overhead provide both light and motion. These individually strung votives cascade from the ceiling in varying cable lengths and will gently sway overhead from the cross breezes coming through the hotel. It’s really quite a spectacular view when looking upwards.

Mesmerizing….it’s hypnotizing looking up into this outstanding piece of art.

This is the face of a girl who needs some tequila after a long day of traveling!

Margarita on the rocks with salt. The perfect capper to a long travel day.

Are you brave enough to take a shot?

We followed the mosaic path to the stairs overlooking the Wet Deck (the pool). Tiles charged by the sun’s rays glowed luminescent and shone softly by moonlight. A DJ was spinning music in The Living Room and the vibe was fantastic.  We enjoyed our fresh margaritas (Don Julio Blanco for me!) and watched the sky turn red, then a dark blue, as the sun gradually set over the water.

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