The Striped Button Down Shirt

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The striped button down shirt. What can I say about this utilitarian wardrobe piece? I think it’s safe to say almost every woman has one hanging in her closet. I know I do. Have you noticed a reemergence of this true-blue, always dependable, fashion staple? With frills, ruffles galore, asymmetrical cuts, deconstructed cuts, pom poms, tassels, feathers, fringe, bows, and other embellishments taking fashion’s center stage; it’s no surprise the button down doesn’t always have the same hanger appeal in comparison to a bevy of this season’s fanciful shirts. Therefore, I decided to give some of my basic pieces some extra love by showcasing the striped button-down shirt. Incidentally, I love my basic staples, but I also like them with a bit of punchiness.

Mixing different patterns and textures for a clever contradiction.

Earning my fashion stripes with this button down.

The striped button down is a stealth power-player. I say this because we often overlook it, but it is the ultimate functional anchor piece in any girl’s wardrobe. Now…..there are many variations of the striped button down. It’s simply a matter of finding a striped shirt that speaks to your own personal style. Do you like pinstripes? Bold stripes? Blue stripes? Colorful stripes? Oh, the possibilities are endless, are they not?

The wonderful thing about the striped button down is it’s ability to pair with just about anything. Think solid colors, patterns, denim, shorts, skirts, pants, leather. So many options to think about when styling a striped shirt. Because the striped button down can be worn by so many different body types, it is universally flattering. However, don’t let my words be the persuading factor here. I rocked a rather bold and colorful button down from Etro and I absolutely loved the way the outfit came together.

The only aspect of my outfit that’s muted are my shoes! But even those make an impact.

I think what made this outfit stand out was adding more visual interest versus keeping it minimally styled. With the bold colors of my shirt, it seems counterintuitive to add more to this shirt, but somehow it works. I’m all for minimalism as a style statement, but every once in a while, more is definitely more. More eye appealing, more visual interesting, more movement, more color, more style. Need I say more? Aaaaaaand……I’m always a sucker for “more”….just ask blogger’s husband about the constant battle to manage my shopping habits, while staying within a budget. (I really try! Swear! I want more more more! How do you like it, how do you like it? Did anyone get what I just did there? If not, carry on…)

I tend to roll the sleeves of my shirt for a sportier playful look.

Now let’s talk about the sleeve roll. Rolling the sleeves of a shirt makes it look more lived in. I like rolling my sleeves because personally, I think it looks extra smart. (Again, this is simply personal preference because I’m all about “extra”)  It also allows jewelery to become more visible as well as exuding a sportier, easy-going vibe. Additionally, unbuttoning one “extra” button to expose a bit more decolletage screams confidence and creates the perfect backdrop for layering a few necklaces. I added a long gold necklace, as well as a long strand of amethyst. Of course this is only my opinion, but I think the dark hue of the amethyst added a luxurious richness to the outfit. I also wore another layering necklace and wrapped it around my neck as a choker. A bold Gucci belt gave my outfit a focal point.

When folding the sleeves of my shirts, I never want it to appear too structured. It’s about making the shirt look lived in without being too staunch. Typically, I don’t roll my sleeves the width of the cuff. I roll it halfway up my arm and then roll it up once or twice so the bottom slightly covers the cuff’s seam. I then push the sleeve up and that’s it! Sometimes I will have one arm rolled up while the other sleeve is only semi-rolled. Can’t be too predictable!

I have a thing for folding up the sleeves of my shirts. It also adds another element of texture and interest.

For those that know me well, you probably know I have a thing for scarves. This is the one accessory I cannot live without. I love a beautiful scarf not only because I think they’re a gorgeous addition to an outfit; but also for their functionality. Instead of wearing a scarf with my outfit, I used it as an accent piece with my clutch. The scarf added an additional pop of color, while also playing up the colors of my shirt. I like to think of this look as cool femininity via some masculine elements. The trousers and button down are clearly more masculine, while the layered necklaces, color palette, and decolletage are confidently feminine.

I have repeatedly stated….Fashion is about having fun, just as much as it’s about expressing one’s personality. So have fun, make some bold fashion choices and wear it with confidence!!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!! Xoxo, Dayna~

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