The real reasons why I am habitually late

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In the past, I would’ve described myself as being a punctual person. However, in all honesty…I have never been on time. In Dayna’s world, this notion of promptness and being on schedule is a complete fallacy.  Just ask blogger’s husband….he has probably logged at least 100 hours of waiting time. Habitual tardiness has turned into a perfunctory task and I find myself saying, “Sorry I’m late” on a consistent basis. I recently read an interesting article on individuals who are chronically tardy. This made me think about my own rational decision making process and time management skills; or lack thereof. With that being said, these are the real reasons why I am habitually late.

Always embroiled in my blogging…and trying to get one more thing done.

When running late, I’m not intentionally trying to upset anyone nor trying to be rude or thoughtless. According to an article from The Business Insider’s, Sabrina Hoffman and John Stanley Hunter, I might be wired and predisposed to tardiness. Say what??!! The article also states people who run late tend to be more creative and successful. (YES!!!) The character attributes linked to tardiness are positivity, multi-tasking, and personality type. I’ve taken the liberty to break it down as it applies to yours truly.

Multi-tasking:  Since starting my blog, I find myself constantly juggling multiple things and trying to maximize all my time. It’s dizzying!! Because time is a valuable commodity for me, I can lose all sense of time when embroiled in a project. As Hoffman & Hunter point out, successful people tend to have multiple things they’re doing at one time.

Fashionably late…

Positivity:  Individuals who run late tend to think they have more time on their hands. (Makes sense, right?) It’s the same concept as looking at the glass half full versus half empty. I know I tend to underestimate how long it will take me to get ready for an engagement or complete a task. For example, most people might allocate an hour to an hour and a half to get ready for a social engagement.  Because of my blog, I am constantly multi-tasking in an attempt to work on DWR in my spare time. I try to cram as much as I can into the limited time available to me. Ironically, some of my most creative moments are 10-15 minutes before I need to leave the house or before my self-imposed bedtime. (I rarely make it to bed at a decent hour anymore)

Type B Personality:  To be honest, this one had me scratching my head. I’ve always considered myself to be the Type A personality, however, there is probably some overlap. Type B personalities are generally more easy going, creative, and progressive. Hence, these individuals have a proclivity for a more casual attitude on time. Welcome to my world, folks! I’m consistently late because I’m easy going and nurturing my inner creativity. (wink!)

Just one more minute…I’m doing my best work!

So let’s get into the particulars of why I run late:

1. I’m late because I’m in complete denial about how long it will take me to complete a task. Chalk it up to delusional optimism (sounds fancy, doesn’t it?). In my rational mind, I know it will take me at least an hour to get myself ready when a full shower with hair washing is involved. However, in my altered delusional optimistic mind, I can complete this time-consuming task in 35-45 minutes. (Disclaimer: SINCE NEVER…okay, maybe once in my life have I ever been able to turn it around in 40 minutes and that’s what my mind now believes)  In my distorted reality, I also believe the space time continuum ceases to exist in my world. Time operates more slowly until I actually need more time to get ready. Then all bets are off and time goes at warp speed.

Optimistic about my delusional perception on time

This is my decision-making process as recited by my inner voice:

“I’m going to get so much accomplished today! I’ll work on my blog for about 30-45 min and get in the shower at 10:15am. This will give me plenty of time to get myself ready without being rushed. Wow, I’m on a roll and getting so much accomplished. I can edit one more picture. Just one more minute. One more minute. Okay, not this minute, but in two minutes. One more minute. One more minute and I’ll still be okay. Five more minutes and that’s it. One more minute. Okay…..OMG!!! Get in the shower THIS MINUTE, DAYNA!! CRAP, CRAP, S#*T, CRAP!!!”

“I can’t possibly wash my greasy hair now. Pile it on top of your head Dayna. No one will notice the stale stench of unwashed hair if I cover my head in hair spray.  A little crunch never hurt anyone. Crunchy is fine….this can work for me. OMG….!! What am I going to wear????!!!!???? AYYYYYYY!!!”

The aforementioned is my manic decision making process whenever I’m late. Suffice it to say, this is about 99% accurate.  I recently had a social function for my horse trainer’s birthday on my calendar; which blogger’s husband also wanted to attend. He asked me to wait until he returned from a paddleboarding session, which I kindly obliged. Our function was at 1pm and he came home at 12:50pm. He showered and got himself ready in record time. We were almost an hour late and it wasn’t because of blogger’s husband. I was the culprit….again. (sigh)

Barn attire?? Not exactly…late trying to find an appropriate outfit.

Stopping to say hello after the party. That is the tongue of a horse who wants treats!

2. I’m also late because I don’t like the idea of stepping away from an incomplete task. News Flash!! Blogging is an endless series of tasks. I am constantly working on content for my blog. What I’ve come to realize is that my inner resistance to change is quite strong; sometimes to my detriment. However, I am selective about my tardiness. I’m typically late to group functions rather than appointments, lunch dates, and work. There’s nothing I hate more than being late for work; that is my one caveat.

Up close details of my Cinq a Sept deconstructed jacket.

A blogger needs sweet treats to fuel creativity

In summary, I’ve come to the decision that us “late people” aren’t all that terrible. As long as you’re not one of those individuals who simply doesn’t care about being late and the negative impact it can have on others….then you’re just a jerk.  As a matter of (subjective) fact, us late folks are some of the best individuals ever! We are optimistic, hopeful dreamers, and big thinkers. As for my blog and why working on it makes me habitually late….I like to think of it as seeing the forest for the trees and focusing on the big picture. It’s important to DREAM BIG!!

I’ve linked the items I’m wearing as well as similar items below. Thanks again for reading! Much love, xoxo…Dayna~ (Music credit: The Bangles-Manic Monday)

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