The Joy of Someone Else’s Cooking: I tried Freshly!

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It goes without saying that life gets busy. Between working my day job and juggling the everyday demands of my family life, I find myself spread very thin. Compound the aforementioned with my blog workload, it’s a recipe for a melt-down of epic proportions. Therefore, when Freshly approached me about trying a few menu items, I was more than eager to sample their menu offerings. Because, let’s face it….with a busy life, it’s a pleasure to experience the joy of someone else’s cooking. Here are my thoughts on Freshly, the newest addition to the food delivery market.

Upon doing a bit of research, I discovered Freshly has a facility located here in Arizona. Yes! Hence, this makes delivery a cinch when you’re an Arizonian, like me. Freshly’s primary focus seems to be on their protein. Think paleo…high protein, low carb, low sugar. Fellow vegetarians and fish lovers, fret not; because there are plenty of vegetarian menu options available to you.

After reviewing the menu, we picked four meals from Freshly’s menu of rotating items. Two for blogger’s husband and two for myself. Baked Penne with Italian sausage and Steak peppercorn with sauteed carrots and french green beans were his picks. I opted for the Southwest veggie bowl and the Shrimp Scampi with long-grain rice.

Freshly prepared meals

Even our dog Napoleon wants Freshly!

Our meals arrived on schedule and were packed with heavy duty ice packs and foam insulation. Let me preface by saying these meals are not frozen. They arrive on your doorstep well insulated and cold. The only thing I had to do was unpack them and place them in our refrigerator.

Because blogger’s husband travels for work, I rarely cook for myself and tend to get ambivalent about grocery shopping. Therefore, the only food available to him were the Freshly meals. However, much to his chagrin, he literally had to work for his food (the life of an Instagram husband is not easy…this man pays his dues). I made him plate his meal, set up proper lighting, photograph his food, and then reviewed the photographs of his food before he could eat.

Freshly prepared meal

Baked penne marinara with Italian sausage

The verdict? Blogger’s husband devoured the food. Although I don’t eat meat, his Sausage with zucchini, pasta and red sauce smelled absolutely delicious. The savory aroma of spices from his meal bombarded my olfactories. My husband stated the sausage was excellent. He loved the freshness and crunchiness of the zucchini. The sauce was zesty and the pasta was al dente; just an overall great meal.

His second meal was the Steak with potatoes, asparagus, and carrots. The steak was cooked medium and had great flavor. Again, the vegetables were crunchy and fresh; the sauce was excellent and paired perfectly with the potatoes.

Steak Peppercorn with carrots and french green beans 

The Shrimp Scampi with long-grain rice was delicious. I almost didn’t believe I was eating a restaurant quality dish simply by heating it in our microwave. The convenience of a prepared meal makes life easier, but the taste and quality of the food make it delectable.

This meal was sooooo good!! I literally had to bribe our dog with a rawhide bone to keep him occupied 

My second meal was the Southwest Veggie Bowl. This was a nutrient dense meal of sweet potatoes, quinoa, lentils, wild rice, black beans, and corn. I added some avocado and a touch of hot sauce for some spice. This meal was bursting with flavor and kept my stomach full all day.

Southwest Veggie bowl…packed full of good stuff! 

Consequently, blogger’s husband and I remarked on the quality of the ingredients, the perfect portion size, and the reasonable calorie count of our respective meals. Each meal had a calorie count of approximately 400-500 calories per meal.  The meals are 100% natural, with no artificial ingredients, no refined sugars, and are also gluten-free. Every meal was delicious, full of flavor, and was on our plate in less than 3 minutes. With time being a very precious commodity these days, the time saved from prepping and cooking is worth being stress-free in the kitchen.
For those who want to try Freshly’s meal delivery (which I highly recommend), first-time buyers can use code: style639 for $20 off Freshly’s 6 meal plan.

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