The comeback of the Fanny Pack

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I almost shudder to say this….but fanny packs are making a comeback in a fierce way. I dont think I’m wrong by stating that fanny packs are commonly considered the black sheep of handbags. It’s not unusual to spot one on a well traveled tourist, along with the obligatory camera around the neck. If I spotted a fanny pack on someone, it used to make me cringe. Literally. Well, that’s not the case anymore. I suppose the comeback of the fanny pack was inevitable, given that fashion trends are constantly finding ways to revive and reinvent themselves.

Wearing my fanny pack as a sling pack…this belt bag was less than $15!! Purchase it here!

If you’re not overly enthusiastic about saying “yes, I’m wearing a fanny pack,” you can always refer to it by it’s more fashionable name, “the belt bag.” Of all the fashion throwbacks of the 80’s and 90’s, this trend epitomizes modern sensibility because it makes sense. My rationalization for advocating the return of the fanny pack is as follows:

  1. Functionality: You can literally stuff a fanny pack full of things and still be hands-free. What’s not to love about that? Granted, back in my day, my fanny pack was simply a receptacle for stuffing it full of Bubble-Yum, various candies, and strawberry roller-ball lip glosses. But, that’s just me being nostalgic. In my opinion, the new iterations of the fanny pack are not the packs of fanny’s past. Wear them as a belt over a long jacket or loop through your belt loops for the appearance of wearing a belt.
  2. Ergonomics: No more shoulder pain. Forget the heavy handbags and rock a belt bag. Consequently, no more fiddling with a shoulder bag when you’re trying to eat and walk at the same time. (Am I the only one that does that?!?)
  3. Affordability: You don’t have to break the bank to sport this trend. My belt bag cost less than $20 and it’s still a fun piece to showcase. The photos in this post prove you don’t have to spend a fortune on a cute belt bag or fanny pack. There are bags at various price points for everyone.
  4. Design options: Not only can you choose from compact designs, you can opt for slouchy versions with various compartments. There is a fanny pack for everyone. And if the slouchy bag is too misshapen and unstructured for your tastes; a compact belt bag adds clean lines, as well as queueing up some visual interest. Other design options include miniature backpacks, pouches (like what I’m wearing), satchels, and myriad color selections.
  5. Styling Options: There are numerous ways to style a fanny pack. The latest and coolest way to style the fanny pack is wearing it crossbody….almost like a holster. The modern day interpretation has the most fashion conscious wearing it slung facing forwards or backwards. And obviously, there is the classic way of styling the fanny pack: around the waist. If wearing a belt bag around your high waist isn’t a viable option, you can opt to wear it low-slung, around your hips. For any of the guys reading this….it’s now ultra hip to wear a fanny pack slung across your body as a “sling pack.” Just sayin.

Being hands free is pretty awesome

Laid back vibes….

I’m a sucker for a monochrome look

No matter what you think of the fanny pack, it’s metamorphosis into our fashion framework is undeniable. The fanny pack is now part of fashion’s hipster lexicon. Wear it, sling it, rock it, sport it…..whatever your flair for this flourish, wear it with unmistakable confidence. In closing, I’ve culled a few options for the fashion forward who are openly willing to embrace this throwback trend.

Scroll below for my fanny pack picks. I’ve listed them from highest price to lowest, in all shapes and styles. And for the fellas….I didn’t forget about you guys and included options in lieu of a man-purse. (wink!)

As always….thank you for reading! Xoxo, Dayna~

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