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Okay ladies….I’m going to shed some light on an issue that many of us women deal with on the daily.  Support for the girls…aka…our breasts.  I used to love shopping for pretty bras. Fast forward to the present; I now detest wearing traditional tight fitting bras. To further bolster why I’m not a big fan of bras, research indicates wearing a bra may actually have negative health implications (I’ll get into that later). My saving grace….the sticky bra! Yes, the sticky bra, the adhesive bra, the bra that can look like raw chicken cutlets. Whatever your description for the sticky bra, it’s the one lingerie item I absolutely cannot be without.  For those of you curious about adhesive bras, read on as I give you the low-down on how to wear a sticky bra.

I can still achieve a seamless look in a tank top with my sticky bra.

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been that girl/woman waiting for the moment when we can rip off our tight fitting bras and spring our breasts loose. In my mind I’m picturing myself crying “FREEEEEEEDOOOMMMMM!!!” like William Wallace in Braveheart.  Am I right or am I being just a tad melodramatic?

As much as I love my sticky bras, I still relish the moment I get to peel it off. There have been many a moments in the car with blogger’s husband when I’ve liberated my chest without hesitation. I’ve actually given him quite a bit of good material to joke about at my expense. For example, I’ve been known to leave my round sticky pasties in the cup holders of my car. Yes, true story.

Blogger’s husband decided the pasties I left in my car would make a great eye patch. Lol.


There are several variations of sticky bras from which to choose.  My personal favorite is from NuBra. I feel the quality, the adhesive, and the overall support is simply better than other brands. At an average price point of $40, it’s slightly higher than other sticky bra options. However, NuBra was the first to market, and in my opinion, the gold standard. In an effort to try other brands or find one for less money, I’ve found they simply don’t stack up. (haha….see what I did there?)

The below photo shows two of my seamless NuBras in black and nude. I also have nipple covers when I don’t need any extra support.

My NuBra in black and nude, as well as pasties.

I’ve been able to wear my sticky bras for several years before throwing them away. As long as your bra is cleaned and cared for, its longevity will be extended.

My arsenal of sticky bras include sticky pasties, regular nipple covers (they look like band-aids), scalloped sticky bras, push up sticky bras, and my true blue NuBras. I feel the NuBra gives me the best silhouette. Whether it’s a loose fitting top or a tighter fitting top, the NuBra gives you a seamless look without the bulky bra lines. I’ve also tried less expensive sticky bras like the one pictured below. While they work well, I’ve found the adhesive loses its stickiness very quickly and simply don’t support my chest as well as the NuBra brand. As far as price point goes, you can’t beat the non-label brands.

A less expensive version of the NuBra and a pair of push up pasties.

This is a sticky bra for enhancement of smaller breasts. Needless to say, I’ve never used this bra. And yes, this one reminds me of an uncooked chicken breast. Haha!


Make sure you don’t apply any lotion or moisturizer to your decolletage prior to applying your sticky bra. It’s important that your skin is dry for the bra to stick properly.


You want to make sure your bra is sitting on your chest symmetrically. The last thing you want are uneven breasts or breasts that look lopsided. Trust me on this one.


Undoing the clasp allows you to place the cups onto the skin separately. I actually skip this step and simply place the bra exactly where I want it. After years of wearing one, you generally know your ideal placement.


Take the cups and turn them inside out and carefully peel/place each cup onto each breast. This ensures there are no air bubbles for a seamless appearance. No one wants lumpy looking breasts.

The cups are placed on each breast before clasping together. I’ve gotten to the point where I can bypass this step.


To create more cleavage, place the cups farther apart. This obviously brings your breasts together when you clasp the two cups together. For a push up effect, point the hooks downward. If you don’t necessarily desire the perky effect, you can always wear the bra with the hook upwards as it pushes the breasts downward. I’ve often done this since I have a tendency toward explosion boobs.

Clasping the two sides together

Wearing my sticky bra upside down to push my breasts more downward.


Wash you sticky bra with mild soap and water and allow it to air-dry. Do not dry with a towel. Simply place cup side up and let them dry. Regularly cleaning your sticky bra will extend its longevity and prolong its stickiness. I speak from experience when I state they need to be cleaned with a mild soap and water. I’ve had to prematurely throw a few of my sticky bras in the trash because they ended up smelling like a ripe onion. I know….gross! Sticky bras don’t breathe; therefore, cleaning them is essential!


So the question arises….Will a sticky bra provide support for fuller breast sizes? Absolutely! If it can keep my big breasts from looking like Mrs. Doubtfire’s saggy baggies, it can provide adequate coverage and support for those who are more well-endowed. Consequently, this is not a bra you sweat profusely in and wear to the gym. That’s a no-no. Profuse sweating causes the adhesive to become less sticky over time. You won’t have a wardrobe malfunction simply because of a little sweat, however, remember to clean your bra after a day or night of sweating.

The sticky bra is a great way to enhance your assets, to wear with off shoulder tops, or that sexy backless dress. I wear mine under strapless dresses, regular dresses, tank tops, shoulder baring tops, and sometimes even t-shirts. I’d say I wear my sticky bra 80 percent of the time. The other 20 percent is when life forces me to wear a traditional bra.

Seamless in a tank dress….so many ways to wear a sticky bra!

I realize some women need the support of a structured bra. As previously mentioned, research indicates traditional bras don’t necessarily prevent sagging. It’s actually the contrary. Wearing a bra prevents adequate circulation and can cause back pain. Traditional bras can obstruct proper breathing and stunt the growth of muscle tissue in young girls who are still in their developmental stages. They can also cause the collagen in our skin to break down more rapidly over time. Obviously, the studies conducted are not representative of the general population; therefore, use your own judgement when it comes to allowing your breasts to be unencumbered.

I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t like shopping for bras. Finding the perfectly fitting bra is like looking for a unicorn…they don’t really exist. (Disclaimer….my horse Lechoso was pretty darn close to Unicorn status) In addition to ill-fitting bras, you also have the hefty price tags to consider. Bras have become ridiculously expensive! One bad wash in a washing machine, and the underwire is bent. (I admit to being terrible about handwashing my lingerie items)

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m a huge fan of the sticky bra. Sticky bras can be purchased at department stores, mass merchandise stores, and even online. Once you find the right fit and brand that works for you, ordering them online is a breeze. So there you have it….a brief summary on how to wear a sticky bra, various options for sticky bras, and where to shop for them!

Hope you enjoyed this post and as always, thank you for reading! Xoxo, Dayna~

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