Springtime in California is not what you think

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Springtime in California is not what you think it is. Quite frankly, some of the coldest days I’ve ever experienced have been in “sunny” San Diego. Southern California’s May Gray and June Gloom are the weather phenomenon usually responsible for two months of seasonal depression. Now this particular surf trip to San Diego was bone-chillingly cold and wet. La Jolla’s dark skies shielded the sun like the best pair of sunglasses ever made (Thank you Tom Ford). And to add insult to injury, it was crazy windy….you know….the sharp, biting type of wind that makes your eyes water?  Therefore, our attentions turned to shooting photographs and making the most of our stay instead. Thankfully, versatile wardrobe pieces and creativity saved the day for piecing together a few different looks.

A mix of street style and some femininity…

Generally speaking, as the sun warms the air, San Diego’s marine layer usually dissipates by mid-morning or early afternoon. Fortune, however, did not favor the bold on this excursion. As previously mentioned, the cold and wet weather curtailed our surfing, but it didn’t dampen our intrepid adventuring spirits.

I obsessively check the weather when blogger’s husband and I travel and I “thought” I had packed appropriately. Although I knew the temperatures would be cooler, nothing could have prepared me for the Alaska-esque weather. My arsenal of clothing included a black skirt, a pair of over-the-knee boots, a couple of sweaters, a pair of Mother jeans, Frame denim, a faux suede moto jacket and a few lightweight layering pieces. Not exactly the best clothing choices for staying warm and dry. However, I rose to the occasion by reworking my existing (and limited) wardrobe to create a few unique ensembles that had me patting myself on the back. (NEW FEATURE: Scroll to bottom of page for “Score With Dayna.” I’ve listed great deals on similar clothing items I’m wearing in this post)

Table for one….please and thank you

I decided to utilize my cute black mini skirt as an unexpected layering piece to wear over a pair of skinny jeans. Wearing a short skirt over skinny jeans gives the illusion of a longer tunic, but with more shape. Who says skirts can only be worn as a singular item?

An unexpected way to rock a mini skirt!


I was forced to get more creative for my next outfit because I needed to stay warm without adding excess bulk…that was the challenge. I happened to bring one of my favorite belts of all time by Canadian designer, Suzi Roher. This belt is as versatile as it gets. It can be worn both as a waist belt or at the hips. Brilliant, right?! As I began experimenting with possible outfits, I wondered what article of clothing could lend itself as a belted piece? This lead me to my trusty distressed AG denim jacket.

Not too matchy-matchy, but still looking pulled together wearing double denim

To some, wearing denim on denim can be considered a fashion faux-pas. Others may simply find it intimidating to double down on denim. Consequently, many are hesitant to wear or try denim on denim. Admittedly, double denim can be tricky to style without going overboard and looking like a smurf gone wild. But alas, in DWR’s world, rules are meant to be broken; and I would be remiss if I didn’t personally take on the risky challenge of doubling down on denim.

Marrying two different shades of denim for a well-paired union

My first key takeaway when wearing denim on denim is to wear different shades of denim and mix it up. This is easy to accomplish by steering clear of denim in the same shades. Mix lighter denim with a darker wash for a more balanced and nuanced look.  I can’t stress enough the importance of breaking up your denim with different shades or colors. As with most fashion, darker shades slim and elongate, while a lighter shade will bring focus to other areas of the body.

When accessorizing, it’s also best to keep it clean and simple. For myself, this meant a light-weight neutral layering piece, a pair of muted heels, and a statement belt. This outfit works because of the various shades and textures I’m wearing as well as balanced proportions. During the warmer months, a soft chambray shirt with a pair of denim shorts or skirt would be a wonderful denim on denim option.

Who says you can’t rock high octane fashion when wearing a Canadian Tuxedo?

Since we couldn’t surf, we decided to explore and do a little shopping. As a foodie, one of my favorite shops is We Olive, located in La Jolla Cove. This store boasts an impressive line-up of artisan olive oils, vinegars and other fine condiments. I love finding new ways to blend various flavors of oils and vinegars to create a unique flavor profile. The olive oil sold at We Olive is pricier than your traditional grocery store varieties, however, the quality of the oils from local artisan growers is unparalleled. All the olive oils in the store are from California, which also help support local growers and producers. Additionally, one of the great things about We Olive is their focus and commitment to sustainability. I return with my empty glass bottles and have them refilled and resealed at the store. They make it so easy!

One of my favorite shops in La Jolla Cove, “We Olive”

If you love olive oil and condiments, We Olive is a shop worth exploring. One of my favorite combinations is basil infused olive oil with blackberry balsamic vinegar (this combo is so delicious). I use this for my leafy salads as well as my caprese salads. I don’t know how I ever survived without this flavor bomb! The pocketbook might be on the lighter side as you walk out the door, but you will savor and enjoy your flavorful experience with every bite. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Checking out a few mustard samples along with some olive oil

When you let go of the rules and blur the boundaries on how an article of clothing should be worn, it frees you to dress on your own terms. And the wonderful part is you don’t have to commit to it; “clothing optional” definitely applies here! (haha!) Remember…it’s about having fun, experimenting, tapping into your creativity, and expressing yourself via your personal clothing choices!

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!! Xoxo, Dayna~

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