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I love wearing high heels. I also love the way a stellar stiletto makes me sashay and….STRUT. That is, until I feel like I’m going to die from the excruciating, mind-numbing pain of wearing a pair of heels for several hours. As much as I love heels, I also have a deep, primal love for all shoes. Regardless of age or personal style, shoes are a necessary accoutrement for all women. However, I’m attesting to the fact we can still be stylish and wickedly foxy in comfortable footwear. This is where Zappos and Söfft come together to offer a wonderful solution for the woman who doesn’t want to sacrifice style for comfort. Read on for my review of  Söfft: Smart and Stylish Shoes

Before I talk about my new love affair with Söfft, let’s touch on why I enjoy a good pair of shoes. One of the reasons I love wearing a hot pair of shoes is for the fuss factor. Don’t you love it when a woman says, “OMG….I love your shoes!! Where did you get them?” This leads me to my next point. I decided to embark on a little social experiment to see what kind of commentary I would garner while wearing my new shoes from Söfft.

Proof positive that a pair of tennis shoes can make an outfit look ultra hip and cool

When wearing a pair of Söffts, these thoughts will most likely be going through your mind. “Oh, an endless flight of stairs? No problem. I got this. Cobblestone streets? Piece of cake. Speed walking? Oh please…I won’t even ask you to slow down because I can probably outpace you. Standing in line? I can stand here all day without shifting my legs from side to side or leaning up against a wall to hold me upright.

Just to be fair, I’m going to highlight a few things you won’t be thinking about when wearing your Söfft’s. You won’t be thinking about getting hammer toes because your shoes are killing your feet. Instead, your feet will be cushioned and cosseted by state of the art comfort. Leaving a great party because your feet are hurting and swelling like a ball of rising dough won’t happen.  Therefore, you won’t be lamenting about your FOMO (fear of missing out). Lastly, you won’t be screaming in your mind, “WHEN CAN I TAKE THESE OFFFFFFFF????!!!!!”. Ladies, we’ve all been in that torturous situation. We  push through the pain, right? Well, we shouldn’t have to endure pain to be stylish.

Okay, now that we’ve talked about why you should get your own pair of Söfft shoes, let’s talk about these insanely adorable black sandals. This particular style I’m wearing from Söfft is the “Mirabelle“. What immediately grabbed me is the juxtaposition of the white sole against the black leather. The white makes it bold and ultra modern. I cannot begin to tell you how much I fell in love with these shoes! Not only are they lightweight, the cushioned platform sole added at least a half an inch of height to my frame. My feet felt cosseted and the leather straps never once rubbed against my ankles. I cringe even thinking about leather rubbing and chaffing the skin and making it raw. Ouch.

These Mirabelle shoes were made for walkin, and that’s just what they’ll do…..while being stylish, of course.

I decided to put my new shoes to the test by wearing them all day on one of our recent trips to  California. There is nothing negative I can say about these particular shoes. I had no problems wearing them all day. These sandals are so comfortable, I almost forgot I was wearing shoes! Imagine feeling like you’re walking on plush padded foam that absorbs heavy impact. Additionally, I had ample arch support. My cranky feet were quite happy after a long day of being an intrepid explorer.

The secret literally lies within the sole…

Let’s talk about the fuss factor….not only did I garner several compliments, I received commentary about how comfortable my shoes looked. And who was I to argue with the women who were complimenting my shoes? Even my husband was giving me compliments on how cute my sandals were. That’s an ultimate win.

As for the price point….at $89.95, I find them to be extremely affordable and well priced for the quality and craftsmanship. This is a simple, yet stylish go-with everything shoe. They come in an array of colors as well as wider widths. I wear a size 7.5 and found they run very true to size.

Happy Feet…..Happy Girl

My second pair of Söfft’s were the Novella, a sleek grey mesh sneaker. Okay….I don’t think I’ve ever worn a pair of kicks quite like these. And the award for the most lightweight, comfortable tennis shoes goes to….Söfft. What makes these tennis shoes extra special is the mesh lining, which allows for crazy breathability. You will literally feel like your feet are being fanned or catching a breeze while you’re walking. It feels like your feet are getting air conditioned.

I love the white soles on these Novella kicks

The uniform color of the laces, the leather, and the mesh make for an ultra polished and chic sneaker. This tennis shoe is a wonderful fashion accessory to any outfit.  Even with a pair of skinny jeans, this shoe is sleek, without looking too bulky. Again, another ultra comfortable shoe from Söfft. These have actually become my new go-to tennis shoe for my regular day job too. Once you experience the supreme comfort from Söfft, it’s pretty difficult to wear a regular pair of shoes. I’ve given up my other flat footed sneakers for these babies. 

In conclusion, I honestly didn’t think I would be so head over heels (pun intended) over my shoe selections.I am so grateful for the opportunity Zappos gave me to experience my first pair of Söfft shoes. To be frank, I never really considered wearing the Söfft brand, but my firsthand experience wearing these shoes has me convinced they’re a heavyweight contender for the comfort/fashion title. For modern styling and ultimate comfort, you cannot go wrong with a pair of shoes from Söfft. This company is definitely dedicated to keeping your feet stylish and comfortable.

Zappos Sofft

Monochromatic vibes….and grey tennis shoes for the win from Söfft.

One final note for my fellow shoe lovers. Zappos makes online shopping for shoes incredibly easy and seamless. They also happen to have the most excellent return policy, ever. With a full 365 days to return unworn merchandise, you won’t be stressing about getting your return in the mail. That’s almost unheard of these days. Consequently, for those of you who have ever considered purchasing a pair of shoes from Söfft, this is my official stance….you will not be disappointed….it will be quite the opposite!!

As always, thank you for reading! Xoxo, Dayna~

shop my selections here:

Mirabelle | Novella | Zappos


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