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Does it feel as though we have officially bypassed Spring and made a beeline to Summer? I have a confession to make….I have taken so many blog photos of myself dressed in fall clothes, I have major anxiety knowing I could be showcasing fall outfits into mid-summer! Noooo! (picture me sprawled out on the floor, tantruming with feet and arms flailing) How can I inspire you to wear a sweater in temperatures that will melt eyeliner halfway down your face?  However, in all fairness, it cannot be that hot yet because my Korean mother is still ordering hot tea when we go out to eat. (I would melt and overheat from hot tea right now) How can we be hitting 90 degrees in the middle of March? It is literally March Madness….and I’m not talking about College Basketball. I know what you’re thinking. Is Dayna going to make a point? But of course…the point is to remind myself that it’s okay to occasionally take my foot off the go-pedal, shift into neutral, and stop stressing out. After all, this is Dayna Without Rules and there are no “speed limits,” except for those that are self-imposed.

Throttling back in killer shoes always makes me smile!

With that being said, I’m still going take a deep breath and stop worrying about Mother Nature because it is out of my control. I will continue to post my outfits and maybe I might inspire you to prepare for your next cold weather sojourn. When it comes to laid-back and casual clothing choices, I tend to gravitate towards items that are comfortable, chic, yet casually cool. Some might prefer to forego heels, but I have a serious love affair with my heels (and all shoes) and feel pulled together with a killer pump. (To ease any inquisitive minds, I can emphatically state I grocery shop in heels, run my errands in heels, and even vacuum my home in heels! Ha!)  For some unknown reason, I often equate tone on tone ensembles with casual comfort. Because wearing tone on tone is a fairly deliberate choice, it’s as much of a fashion statement as anything else….it’s simply done in a more muted or colorful way.


Everything is not always black and white

Vibin’ off-duty weekend chic

A tip to remember with tone-on-tone dressing is that it’s not about matching your colors perfectly. Focus on one color group and experiment with various textures in the same hue. For this outfit, I chose to focus on a soft taupe hue. The contrasting texture of my knit sweater against the softness of the coat added some visual interest and dimension. As a general rule of thumb, tone on tone tends to elongate the silhouette by drawing the eyes up and down the body versus across the body. (Think vertical versus horizontal) Granted, I wore a pair of ripped denim in a different color, but I continued the theme with my shoes.

Weekend warrior attire

All in all, my casual weekend outfit was a complete score. Total cost of my laid back tone on tone ensemble was approximately $80. My entire outfit (excluding handbag and shoes) was less than $100. The sweater was purchased from Chicwish. I’ve linked to other similar items below. Jeans were from Charlotte Russe for $20!! I’m still patting myself on the back for scoring such an epic bargain. Because, much to the chagrin of my husband, I am not the most economically minded shopper. When I fall in love with an item that speaks to me, all rational thought seems to leave my mind and body. My Camel coat was purchased from Boohoo for $45. Remember, it’s not always about buying the most expensive clothing items, but how we style and wear them. Additionally, wearing statement accessories will always elevate any outfit because the devil is in the details. (wink!)

Relaxed and unhurried

Operating under the premise “everything’s gonna be alright”

I’ve added the direct links for the sweater I’m wearing, as well as other items I have ordered from Chicwish and Shein, below. These pieces are shipped internationally and will take longer to receive. However, I’ve also linked other very well priced sweaters in my “shop this post” link. Hope you enjoyed reading this post!! Xoxo, Dayna~

Chicwish lace-up sweater here  |  Lace up sweater in Olive or orange here, long lace-up sweater in khaki here and in white here  |

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Why not show us cold weather outfits? We should be able to get some great deals on these pieces in March in AZ!