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I love the month of August for a myriad of reasons. It’s a new beginning of sorts. August is my birth month and the prelude to cooler temperatures. As I welcome another year, I become giddy with excitement when it comes to next season’s fall fashions. Therefore, I decided to assess the clothing I currently have hanging in my closet, my husband’s closet, my kid’s closets, as well as the clothing laid out all over our bathroom. It might seem early to focus on fall fashion while we continue to suffer from summer’s high temperatures; however, I say it’s never too early to start thinking about what to wear. Consequently, pulling together a motley of outfits from my existing wardrobe was a task I was willing to undertake. I can emphatically state the sartorial details of this season’s fall trends are far from mundane.

This season will offer many choices for expression through fashion. So scroll through to see how I styled a sampling of my existing wardrobe to stay current with a few of Fall’s biggest trends!

Check-Mate your fashion game with PLAIDS! Plaid city was a predominant theme for fall’s 2017 fashion runways; most notably with outerwear. With gingham being a mainstay over the summer, it’s no surprise plaid carried over into the fall season. This isn’t the grungy plaid worn by Pearl Jam (no offense Eddie Vedder….your talent is unparalleled).  This plaid is sleek, while also being laid back and effortlessly cool when done right. Women are taking over menswear yet again. Plaid pants, blazers, skirts, jackets, scarves, and handbags will all be suitable prêt-à-porter options for the fashion conscious dresser.

This oversized plaid blazer is a great addition to wear with just about anything

Who knew Hillary Clinton would be the catalyst of a fashion movement? The pantsuit as a fierce fashion statement is no hyperbole. This season’s triumphant return of the pantsuit is as much a political statement as is a fashion statement. Power pantsuits are showing up in all shapes, colors, patterns, and sizes. Believe it or not, I have pantsuits a plenty given to me by my fashion idol… Mom! Pantsuit nation better watch out because I will be rocking my pantsuits with a dash of Dayna.

Although I have a few pantsuits, I wanted to give my own spin on the pantsuit trend. I opted for colors in the same hue, while also showcasing this blazer in a glen plaid. I really love the monochromatic look it gave this outfit, while simultaneously adding visual interest from the plaid. To vamp it up, I wore a simple $10 plunging v-neck tee over a balconet bra. Silver pumps and clutch polished off this semi-business chic look.

High waisted wide leg trousers and a blazer make for an ensemble that can easily go from day to night.


We have a CODE RED for Fall. The evolution of pink into its stronger counterpart, RED, is where it’s at this season. Be prepared to see bold hues in tones of reds, burgundies, and yellows. Ladies, dig out the red and brick colored lipstains to add an element of eye catching color to your face. Admittedly, I shy away from a strong vivid lip, but there’s no need for women with a perfect pout to steer clear of red lipstick. Go bold ladies! Don’t be afraid to drape yourself in head to toe red. Yes, you read that correctly. This year….red is the official color of Fall. I might have a little trepidation with red, but I am heeding my own advice and embracing something different and out of my comfort zone, by wearing red!

A pretty dress to paint the town red.

I bought this Alaia dress on sale at The Wynn last year and have yet to wear it (except for this photo shoot). I tend to shy away from wearing red as I consider it a special occasion color. Well….we can put that notion to rest because red is going to be everywhere, so we might as well roll out the red carpet for red.

Fit and flare dresses are made for twirling! Don’t you agree?

Wearing two trends: plaid and red, while also rocking pink and red together

For the above look, I wanted to incorporate an element of softness to the outfit and decided on a soft pink suede sandal. Here’s a a fashion confession: I have an absolute weakness for blazers. My closet is full of them! I personally think the blazer is one of the most versatile wardrobe pieces you can invest in. A jacket or blazer can instantly elevate an outfit by adding refinement, elegance, or polish. It’s a smart piece that pulls everything together. Think menswear: when a man wears a sport coat or blazer, he looks completely pulled together and dapper. The same holds true for women!

Another blazer in a rusty red hue. How fun is this frilly embellished blazer? Leopard print pumps finish it off because leopard and red go together like Ginger and Fred!

By the way….my jeans in the above picture are from Charlotte Russe and I paid about $25 for them. You can find them here, here, and here. They are affordable, beyond comfortable, and amazingly stylish. I love these jeans as much as my expensive designer denim.

All systems ready. Ignition sequence started. T-minus 5-4-3-2-1. And we have lift-off! Did I just recap a space shuttle launch? I sure did. And here’s why…..futuristic glittery metallics are on the launch pad this Fall. I am McLoving the metallic trend, however, you won’t see me going eye-blindingly shiny. Save the full on astronaut look for the astronauts. In order to avoid channeling the second coming of David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, use metallics as a neutral color or as an accent piece. Silver/metallic boots are a fabulous way to make a statement without feeling like you’re covering yourself in aluminum foil. Less is best when wearing metallics, unless one is dressing up as The Tin Man for Halloween. Then by all means, go full throttle!

A beautiful muted silver suit from Dolce and Gabbana sans space boots and rocket fuel.

An option to break up a suit is by belting the skirt and wearing the jacket open

Having fun with blogger’s husband….because he always makes me smile.

For the above look, breaking up an all silver suit is easy with a cardigan worn over a crisp white shirt. Avoid wearing an extra-long button down shirt like I did to prevent belly bunch underneath your skirt (Oops). Find pretty silver sequined skirt here. 

Hello 80’s…..we’ve missed you. Ahem….minus the mullets, scrunchies, rat tails, perms, bolero ties, and the tidal wave bangs made possible by copious amounts of Aqua Net. Oh….and the ugly sweaters worn by everyone on The Cosby Show. May you never resurface again. Every other decade has had its resurgence, now the 80’s is muscling its way back in with its large shoulder pads (but tastefully done). Blazers with shoulder pads can now be pulled from the back of the closet into current wardrobe rotation. Yay! This Autumn, it’s all about shoulder pads, velvet, oversized blazers, slouchy boots, white heels (gasp!) and adidas. I, for one, cannot wait to rock a pair of white shoes. However, finding white heels has become a daunting task because my size is consistently sold out. It’s almost inconceivable to me. Crryyyyyyyy!!!!

Close up of this lovely Escada blazer. I’m a sucker for details, and these folded sleeves are definitely the ace up the sleeve. Or is it the shoulder pads?

This editorial isn’t necessarily a complete guide to all of Fall’s fabulous fashion trends, but merely a sampling of workable trends I created from existing pieces in my wardrobe. I hope you find outfit inspiration and ideas from the ensembles I have pieced together. Because even the most selective fashionistas can rejoice and openly embrace this season’s fashion diversity. With so many options and choices to showcase personality and individual style, looking stylish has never been so easy!

Thanks for reading! Xoxo, Dayna~

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