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Off-duty cool via these hard working pieces

I am a dental hygienist by day who moonlights as a fashion junkie by night. I wear scrubs to work everyday. It’s my unfortunate or fortunate (subjective) uniform. No matter how I try to spruce up or add some panache to said scrubs, it typically falls short.  Let’s face it….scrubs are deliberately basic. Wearing a uniform has its perks, however, most days I feel I’m trapped in my own fashion nightmare.  I enjoy the process of creating clothing ensembles from both current and vintage trends and scrubs don’t usually make my fashion rotation.  So what is the wardrobe for a weekend warrior who always wears a uniform to work?  I’ll give you folks a hint….it rhymes with frenum. (throwing out a little dental jargon…just couldn’t help myself. For all my dental peeps reading this, you’re welcome)  You guessed it. Denim!!

Ruby red slippers will take you to Kansas, but silver metallic Jimmy Choos will take you everywhere else…or backstage.

As a denim addict, I think it’s safe to say I’ve lost count of how many pairs of jeans I currently have in my closet.  Denim can convey sophistication, grit, glamour, edginess, or sexiness.  With a Joan Jett-esque conviction, I pulled out a few of my rocker-chic closet staples.  Black leather jacket. Check. Black coated skinny jeans. Check. Handbag on a chain with studs. Check. As a woman in her 40’s, it’s important my wardrobe be age appropriate without going overboard on studs, leather, or spikes!  I’ll leave that to the real rock-n-rollers.

Obviously the quickest way to look cool is with anything leather, be it a jacket or a pair of pants. Next on the list is a pair of slick black skinny jeans. These coated Seven jeans aren’t leather, but give the appearance of being leather. If you want to avoid looking too harsh in head to toe black, break it up with another neutral color.  I incorporated some structure with a soft gray cashmere sweater, layered over a white tee shirt. Next, I added an unexpected element with a pair of silver Jimmy Choo’s.  Other footwear options are studded ankle boots, booties, or a pair of canvas kicks.

Can’t be a rockstar without a rockstud bag

Accessorize with chains, studs, metal elements, cuffs, or leather bracelets.  An unexpected element could be a graphic print, heavy duty details, or a pop of color with an accessory. I decided to add some lady-like refinement with a pair of dainty pearl earrings. And no rocker-chic ensemble would be complete without a cool pair of shades.

“You can bend but never break me. ‘Cause it only serves to make me.” Helen Reddy

Back in Black…



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