5 inexpensive ways to refresh your wardrobe….

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We’ve all been there. How many times have you looked at your closet and lamented about having nothing to wear, or being completely underwhelmed by your existing wardrobe? Well, I’m here to tell you there are a few things you can do to infuse new life into your attire and refresh your look. I was recently trying on a skirt I had tailored and suddenly remembered a duster I purchased when I was in my twenties. The fun started as I began experimenting and incorporating various accessories into my outfit. Great style is often punctuated with well placed accessories…they can be everything! With that being said, here are 5 inexpensive ways to refresh your wardrobe.

Can you tell it was mind-numbingly cold?

1. Accessorize. Accessorizing is the most cost effective way to update your closet.  Try wearing a statement necklace, a colorful scarf, a unique handbag or a statement shoe. Big, bold, statement necklaces, scarves, or an exceptional shoe are fabulous ways to turn up the glitz factor. Accessories can aesthetically improve an ordinary ensemble and make it extraordinary. Never underestimate the power of killer accessories because they can either make or break an outfit. Most of the items pictured above are pieces I’ve owned for several years, with the exception of the top and skirt. A colorful scarf from Etro (similar here) was added for visual interest to complement my Nanette Lepore coat (similar here and here). The scarf was purchased at an Etro Outlet in Vegas and the coat was a purchase I also made at a Neiman Marcus Outlet in Vegas when I was 27. (that’s 15 years ago, folks!)

Uncompromising style with a statement shoe!

A few exceptional lust worthy shoes:

2. Wear an item differently. Wear a scarf around your neck differently, wear a scarf as a shawl, headband or turban, or tie it around a handbag handle. This adds instant panache and color to an outfit. Belts are another way to elevate an outfit. Try belting a cardigan, a longer blazer or a jacket, or a dress. I’ve been on a serious belt kick lately, which is bordering on the obsessive.  Everyone has a blazer or a nice winter jacket….forget your arms, drape it over your shoulders for an ultra chic look. Wear a casual tee under a tailored jacket for something completely unexpected. The belt I used on my coat was a $20 purchase 9 years ago from L.A’s fashion district.

An inexpensive belt adds form and function

Belt up or belt down, just belt it!

tighten your belt:

3. Layer. Layer layer layer. You will hear me espousing this line many more times in my posts. Layering creates dimension and texture, while simultaneously adding visual interest. Play peek-a-boo with long sleeves under a blazer or jacket. Drape a coat or shawl over your shoulders. I deliberately belted my coat so it was slightly open to allow my skirt to be visible. I opted to forego a necklace in lieu of this fun and colorful scarf.

Outfit wouldn’t be complete without a pair of sky-high pumps

gorgeous scarves:

4. Repurpose. Do you have an old pair of jeans you were thinking about getting rid of or donating? Why not cut the bottom of the jeans to create a new frayed ankle hemline or cutting them to make your own shorts? There are several ways to repurpose well-worn denim. I decided to get innovative with my old denim to create my own cropped fray jeans and shorts. First, I tried on my denim and marked where I would be cutting. Once you cut the fabric, there’s no going back, so it’s best to be cautious and remove less than more. For creating holes, a pair of scissors and straight edge razor blade was used, followed by sandpaper and bleach, and more sanding. I threw them in the wash, and voila….repurposed denim at ZERO cost.

These Guess Marciano jeans were extra extra long!

Perfect fray with a graduated step to the backside

Blast from the past…remember these?

How fun are these shorts?!?

Outfit flatlay with repurposed shorts!

5. Shake up your beauty routine. Although this isn’t directly related to wardrobe changes, we shouldn’t underestimate the impact of shaking things up with our beauty routine. Try styling your hair a bit differently, wear a new shade of lipstick, or try a pretty pastel nail polish. Part your hair on the opposite side or fake a blow-out at home with velcro rollers. For this photo shoot, I decided to part my hair on the opposite side despite having major angst about it….I’m fairly certain the consternation over my hair gave me a bout of hives (kidding…but not really). I’m a creature of habit and have grown accustomed to how I style my tresses. But, for the sake of mixing it up, being progressive, and embracing my own advice, I was a big brave girl and did something different. Not only did it take some getting used to, I noticed my roots were much more exposed parting to the left and I absolutely hated it! Yes, that smile…I’m admitting it was forced! It’s also why my head is cropped out of the majority of my photos. You win some, you lose some….

Take some time to go through your closet and look for interesting accessories in the form of shoes, jewelry, scarves, and belts. Often times, these accessories are just as important as the outfit itself because they provide another avenue to express yourself and make a statement. And before throwing out your old denim or even your husband/boyfriend’s denim, think about giving them a new life via a few strategic snips.

I’ve linked a few statement coats and handbags certain to make an outfit stand out! Sizing is limited on these remarkable pieces; hence, if something speaks to you, don’t hesitate to grab it! Be on the look out for the resurgence of the bucket bag this spring. My personal favorite is the Loewe Puzzle shoulder bag in the prettiest of spring hues…a modern yet feminine take on geometry, it is truly a unique handbag.

Thank you for reading…xoxo, Dayna~

loosen your purse strings:

sugar coated:


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Great inspiration Dayna! I NEED to re-purpose this spring… 1 bride and 2 graduates and all the festivities that go with that… I need lots of fab outfits on little $$. New shoes and accessories should perk up some of my reliable standbys