Phoenix Rising…3.0

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Hello everyone!! My apologies for the slow-down in publishing content for my blog. The holidays were an absolute whirlwind and it felt like I was drinking from the firehose as 2016 drew to a close.  Although I started my Phoenix Rising project in 2016, I am carrying it over to the new year and allowing it rise once again. With that being said, my lofty expectations for this particular photo shoot were just that; and the outcome for this editorial did not materialize as I had envisioned.  I had a creative picture of how I “thought” my shoot would turn out, but life doesn’t always get the memo about what you want.  On the way to our shoot, we ended up getting stuck in the heavy Phoenix traffic as we sat in the car watching our window of light diminish with every passing minute.

Dressing up my balloons…lol

Upon arrival at our destination, we scrambled to photograph my outfit as the darkness swiftly shrouded our daylight.  In addition to limited light, it was so cold and windy, I was a shivering mess while attempting to pose in the frigid air with a handful of balloons. Grumpy Dayna emerged and my husband was on the receiving end of my snarky attitude as I realized our pictures were not up to my exacting Virgo standards. (So you wanna be a blogger superstar? Cue small violin playing in background) Instead of scrapping my editorial, I decided to salvage what I could from our photo shoot and forged ahead in true Dayna Without Rules fashion.

This is the face I make when doing long division in my head. Six, carry the four….

Photo credit: Unknown

This particular mural by Carrie Marill is on the west facing wall of Dougherty Wholesale Floral on Second Street and Roosevelt, and proved very difficult to photograph due to its large expanse.  This mural of a man riding a bicycle carrying a basket of baguettes and groceries pays homage to another artist who created the original image. I love the cluster of flowers trailing behind the bike because I can envision the flowers being carried away by a cool mid-day breeze. It’s whimsical and makes me happy whenever I see it.

Trying to avoid getting wind blown

For this shoot, I chose to wear a black textured knit pencil skirt from Missoni and paired it with a cape from Calvin Klein.  A cream colored turtleneck was the perfect top to break up the black, while a pair of over the knee boots from Stuart Weitzman completed the outfit.  I like how a longer skirt looks with a pair of boots, however, it’s not a look I wear very often due to the fact I’m “slightly” denim obsessed.  I wanted to showcase over the knee boots without wearing skinny jeans or a short skirt. (which wasn’t happening on this bitterly cold day!)  As always, I’m all about layering to create texture and dimension. To keep my hands warm, I wore a pair of Moschino cashmere lined leather gloves.

Wishing for more light of day…

Did I mention I was freezing?

Thanks for visiting and reading my first blog entry of 2017….Xoxo, Dayna

Missoni pencil skirt similar here  |  Charter Club cashmere turtleneck here  |  Calvin Klein cape here (on sale big time!!)  |  Stuart Weitzman boots here  | Moschino leather driving gloves similar here and here

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Sharon Gilloon

The pink heart shaped balloons are a nice touch!