Phoenix Rising….2.0

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Welcome to the second installment of my “Phoenix Rising” project! When you visit a museum, you expect to see art on every wall. You don’t always expect to see a visual cornucopia of rich, vibrant wall art while walking or driving around the streets of downtown Phoenix. However, once you see it, you notice the artistry at every corner. I suddenly became hyper aware of all the creative skill embedded and showcased on our city walls. It was literally overwhelming! I have an immense newfound respect and appreciation for the talented artists who dedicate and immerse themselves in their craft. Kudos!

Luckily, I’m not leaning on a live wire…

We gonna rock down to…Electric Avenue, and then we take it higher!

This Centennial mural by Laura Spalding Best is on the south facing wall of an APS Power Substation on Second Street and Garfield.  Best takes everyday structures and turns them into visually compelling art.  This mural celebrates Arizona’s 100th birthday in a very subdued way, making it one of my favorites. It’s not loud in color, but it speaks volumes. Leave it to me to have an affinity for the quiet wall mural. Why? Firstly, because it’s ELECTRIC! (boogie woogie woogie! Ha!) Secondly, because it’s unexpected and doesn’t follow the normal rules of wall art. It stands alone despite the muted colors. The way she displays and exploits the utility poles is what resonates with me. I love how they fan out like an exploding firework, creating a perfect center star. And what better way to showcase a blogger’s outfit than in the middle of a star?

Classics like this camel coat have staying power

For this particular shoot, I decided to get a little fancier with my wardrobe by foregoing my daily denim in favor of a pair of slate colored trousers. These Escada pants were taken from my Mom’s closet, one of my favorite places to raid for clothes!  As the saying goes, “I got it from my mama” rings true. Although Coco Chanel and Victoria Beckham are some of my fashion icons, my pint sized Mom is my ultimate fashion idol. Her sartorial splendor is unsurpassed; that much is absolute. I’ve gleaned everything about fashion and style from my wonderful powerhouse of a mother. Again, I didn’t plan to blend in with my surroundings, but my outfit coordinated fairly well with the muted color scheme of this mural.

Wishful thinking? Never. Dream Big!

Power player.

Okay….now onto the particulars of my outfit. Since these trousers were not tailored to my height, they graze me right at the ankles. What’s a girl to do when she loves the color and cut of said trousers that are too short? You make them shorter. Yes, you read that correctly! I rolled them up twice to create a cropped trouser effect and it works splendidly with either a heel or flat shoe. Dare I forget to mention how insanely comfortable this outfit was, while still looking polished and put together.

Caught off guard as I was about to change shoes

Powering it down with a pair of kicks

I decided to slip out of my heels in lieu of a pair of white Kenneth Cole sneakers to show how this outfit still looks very clean and polished with a casual shoe. I love the contrast of a stark white pair of kicks against a dark pant. Wearing a pair of tennis shoes with a more polished outfit is a bit unexpected, which is precisely why I love it! I’m wearing a blouse with an attached scarf from L’Academie, which you can find here. As previously mentioned, tennis shoes are Kenneth Cole and my pumps are from Vicedomini. I bought these heels at The Wynn Hotel and tried to track down stores that carry the brand, but apparently, they are predominantly retailed in Europe. However, I’ve linked similar options from one of my favorite shoe designers, Gianvito Rossi, below.

“Up” to no good…

A wardrobe staple every woman should have in their closet is a classic camel coat because it will instantly smarten any outfit. When purchasing a camel coat, I think it’s important to buy a well lined cashmere blend coat that will feel soft to the touch. There is nothing worse than wearing a coarse scratchy coat that makes you itch. Buying a quality camel coat is an investment, but it will serve you well.  I’ve had my coat over ten years and it has maintained itself as a classic styling piece year after year. I also prefer a coat that hits right at, or below the knees, as it tends to elongate a woman’s silhouette.

Become a power hitter by embracing your inner fashionista!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading! Xoxo, Dayna~

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