My love affair with the one piece bathing suit

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Swimsuit season is rapidly approaching and I can already hear the collective sobs of all the women who dread the thought of wearing a bikini or a bathing suit. For myself, I’m not very keen on wearing a bikini. It’s not because I think my physique is unsuitable for a bikini…not at all. It’s purely a matter of preference. I simply love the one-piece bathing suit. Whether poolside or on the beach, the one piece has re-emerged as the ultimate fashion statement. My love affair with the one piece bathing suit has been going strong for the last few years, and I find myself reaching for this singular piece over it’s two piece counterpart. Therefore, I’m temporarily saying bye-bye and sayonara to my little bikini friend for the following reasons…

I LOVE anything one shoulder and this white Michael Kors suit had me at hello.

Ladies, one piece bathing suits are not the basic vanilla suits of days past. They are sleek, insanely stylish, and enhance a woman’s silhouette in all the right places. With all the new modern shapes, cut-outs, and patterns to choose from, looking stylish in a bathing suit is fairly effortless. I’m all about enhancing my assets and minimizing my trouble areas. For me, the one-piece swimsuit is a two punch knock-out. I like to think of it as the little black dress of swimsuits. Unless you’re in your twenties, a bikini model, or constantly working out, it’s difficult to look ultra fabulous in a skimpy bikini. I find the one piece to be sexy while still being functional. It can play up or play down being well-endowed, minimize the mid-section, or add a sleek shapeliness to a woman’s physique.

As a woman in her 40’s, I’ve come to a crossroads where I prefer to be more modest with my bathing suit choices. Don’t get me wrong…I can easily wear a bikini without issue. A common misconception is that I must have major body image issues. I tend to think most women have some underlying insecurities regarding their bodies and I’m certainly no different. However, loving the one-piece swimsuit is simply a matter of preference. I prefer a one piece because I feel more comfortable and put together. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in an article of clothing, let alone a teensy bikini. Granted, this is only my personal opinion, but I love the sophistication and subtle innuendo of a provocatively cut bathing suit that enhances the female form. Seductive innuendo under the guise of modesty is appealing to me.

A provocative one-piece that still leaves a lot to the imagination

The one-piece swimsuit is also very versatile.  Not only are they chic, they’re much more comfortable to swim and frolic around in than a two-piece. When blogger’s husband and I are at the beach, we are actively surfing, snorkeling, or paddle surfing. When I’m surfing and wearing a bikini, my top tends to go one way, while my board and I go another way. Ha! Not exactly an ideal scenario (of course, this is purely subjective). With swimwear becoming pricier, it’s also convenient to get double duty from a swimsuit by wearing it with a pair of shorts or a skirt. Layer a sheer top or button down over a simple one piece or wear it as a bodysuit. I have!

Rivets and lace-up details make for a cool suit

If I still haven’t successfully persuaded you to rethink the one-piece, perhaps the illusion of mile long stems will change your mind. Hi-cut suits always elongate the body and make the legs look like they go on forever. The perfect one piece makes me feel long, lithe and stylish. I have a particular affinity for the white one-piece bathing suit because it evokes (for me) a sense of sophistication, elegance and grace. I always tend to think of a Grecian Goddess being fanned by her tribe of man servants while casually lounging on her chaise next to an olympic sized pool. (Yes, I’m having a Cleopatra movie moment! And I know Cleopatra is Egyptian, not Grecian) I’ve listed a few options for one shoulder bathing suits below, with the Ralph Lauren being on sale! YES!

Precariously balancing on the ledge of the infinity pool

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I have a drawer full of one-piece suits ranging from the simple maillot to my ornate stand outs. Cut outs, intricate details, embellishments, and bold patterns are the available options when searching for the perfect suit. So let’s all embrace being stylish and elegant in a one-piece whether it’s poolside or at the beach. I will openly admit to inconsistent tan lines, but wearing these fun one pieces are worth the funky markings.

This suit comes with a detachable halter strap for added support. It’s also on major sale!

As a final piece of advice…when caring for your swimsuits, always hand wash or use the handwash cycle on your washing machine and place your suits in a lingerie bag. Wash them in cold water, gently reshape, and hang them to dry. NEVER put them in the dryer or wring them out too harshly. Blogger’s husband has been forbidden from doing my laundry as a result of throwing one of my favorite backless suits into the dryer and shrinking it to a girly-sized leotard. Although it’s recommended to avoid coming into contact with harsh chemicals, it’s almost impossible; unless you plan on never stepping foot inside a swimming pool. Suits are made to be worn, so wear them! But taking good care of these small yet pricey garments will ensure their longevity while simultaneously locking down your style.

I’ve culled a few of my favorites as well as items I am currently lusting over for my next tropical getaway. Thank you for reading! Much love….xoxo, Dayna~

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