Much needed date night

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Many of you who read my blog know I have become increasingly busy in an attempt to juggle the daily demands of blogging alongside my day job and personal life. Although blogger’s husband and I go away together, our vacations shouldn’t be the only time we reconnect and allow the outside world to fall away. I will admit this much…I lose myself in the minutiae of everything that encompasses blogging; thereby leaving little time for those in my inner orbit. Consequently, making time for a much needed date night is what this girl needed as a reminder of what’s important.

Wearing leopard and animal print…who says a leopard can’t change its spots?

Although blogger’s husband jokes about sending me Google calendar requests for some one-on-one time, there belies an underlying truth to his not-so-subtle ribbing. The key takeaway is not getting disgruntled and agitated, but instead, dialoguing and communicating. Is it commonplace to find yourself getting completely annoyed when discussing where to go to dinner? Does it usually sound something like this?

Where do you want to go dinner?

I dunno…anything is good. Where do you want to go?

I really don’t care.  Just pick something.

Okay, how about…..?

No, I don’t feel like eating at that restaurant.

I’m sure many of you can relate. It’s maddening! In order to avoid a similar situation like the aforementioned, I made a unilateral decision to dine at The Henry. It’s always a happening scene, the ambiance is great, and the menu is well-rounded. Surprisingly, there was no protest from blogger’s husband; although I swear he looked at me like it was a questionable choice by giving me some major side eye (shrug). For those who have not had the pleasure of dining at The Henry, it’s both cozy neighborhood hangout and dining destination. I consider it an upscale gem nestled in the valley.

Signage behind the bar…very pub-like.

A directional straight to Dayna Without Rules

My date night outfit was a pair of white Mother cropped flares and a semi-sheer lace animal print top from Grayse. I accessorized with a Gucci belt and a pair of ankle strap Jimmy Choos. I find the cropped flare a refreshing alternative to the skinny jean. They highlight the ankles, while simultaneously showcasing a fabulous pair of shoes. Here’s a great selling point: the cropped flare looks good with flats, sneakers, heels or sandals. Because my top was a little on the busier side, the clean simplicity of a pair of white jeans was a nice juxtaposition. This allowed the top to become the focal piece of my ensemble.

When a break from the skinny jean is needed, the cropped flare is my go-to.

Here’s a little tidbit about blogger’s husband and me. Whenever we go out to eat, blogger’s husband and I like siting next to each other at restaurants because we enjoy the proximity. By the time we arrived at The Henry, we were famished and practically foaming at the mouth. Because of a 45-60 minute wait time, we opted to sit in the lounge. This turned out to be a far better choice because we had a great vantage point of the entire restaurant. It also allowed us to sit next to each other! A total win-win!

Hopelessly obsessed with IG or addicted to work?

Date nights are wonderful because we get to muse about the day’s events, have some laughs, and reconnect on a level that feels more organic. A much needed date night also gives me another reason to dress up! But, in all honesty, I never really need a reason to get dressed up.  Inevitably, we reflect and talk about Dayna Without Rules since blogger’s husband is also my photographer. When we talk about the blog, there’s always an undercurrent of excitement about the endless possibilities and how far we have both grown on this journey.

Headed to dinner with blogger’s husband

When we have our time together, I love seeing my husband’s face light up as he talks about our future. I relish in his excitement and the interest he has in my blogging journey. I’m also reminded of our own journey and why I fell in love with him. Sometimes it’s difficult to appreciate the person who is most important in your life when drowning in the daily comings and goings of life. However, these shared moments allow our daily stressors to fall away, if even for a brief moment….and that, in and of itself, is priceless.

Thank you for reading…much love, Dayna xoxo~

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