Leather and Lace…

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When I’m not obsessing over clothing, shoes or my horse, I love traveling and being the intrepid explorer with my husband.  San Diego is typically our getaway destination because we love to surf.  Ahh, yes….the many faces of Dayna. Equestrian, surfer, skater, dental hygienist, fashionista, shoe addict, step-mom, wife, home-maker, and blogger oh my!  I don’t know how I manage to find time for everything.  However, I digress. This post is supposed to be about combining slightly masculine elements with the feminine, or rather, leather and lace in San Diego! It’s about striking the perfect balance when combining these two fabrics.

Who’ll Stop The Rain…

Channeling Stevie Nicks in my leather and lace…

When it comes to color combinations, blush and black tones are typically favored by yours truly. I have an affinity for pink because it’s easy to exploit.  Being the rule breaker that I am, I enjoy going against the grain and corrupting this pretty color by pairing it with the heavy hitters….black and gray.  The moment I laid eyes on this dusty rose leather jacket from IRO, I was smitten.  Do any of you fall in love with an accessory or article of clothing that immediately has you drooling the moment you see it?  This leather jacket was commanding me to give it a good home where it would be worn and appreciated.

Blame it on the rain….

Mother Nature has a way of making her presence known and the relentless downpour in San Diego on this particular day begrudgingly forced us to stay indoors.  Therefore, in an effort to keep myself and my jacket dry, I implemented plan B and made the most of our condo’s staircase to take blog photos. I’m fairly certain that bloggers love a good set of…..stairs.

Striking a balance between leather and lace

There is something about the juxtaposition of leather and lace because it seems to have an inherent cool factor. The contrast of an edgy leather on black, against ladylike lace resonates with me. It’s masculine and bold, yet feminine and alluring.  Incorporating some contrast within your outfit makes dressing fun and interesting by allowing your personal style to shine through. As I’ve said before, there are no definitive rules to fashion and style except those we place on ourselves.  You are your own canvas for self expression.

I do, however, have my own personal guidelines when adding lace to an ensemble.  I prefer to add lace in small doses, making it a focal point to an outfit. (A lace dress is obviously excluded)  In one of my older posts entitled “Lacy Days,” I mentioned lace being an ambiguous fabric. By modern day standards, lace is a bit non-committal.  A woman wearing white lace conveys a sweet, girly, almost virgin innocence. Alternately, wearing black lace can convey sex appeal, allure, and seduction. How can you not love lace??!!  It’s such a fun and versatile garment to wear.

Provocative and daring in lace. Well played Mr. Louboutin!

Mother has created the ultimate Mom jean in the high waisted ankle crop.

I have a slight obsession with denim and happen to be very keen on the denim brand, Mother.  The hemline on these frayed ankle jeans hits the top of my shoe at the perfect place, allowing the shoe to become a focal point. Even in small doses, these lace booties deliver a spike of seduction to an otherwise masculine ensemble.  For those of you who like a higher waisted jean, these will forever change your outlook on mom jeans.  Wear them with boots, booties, or a heel.  This jean can partner up with any shoe of your choice. Do you like wearing lace? And if so, how do you like to incorporate lace into your ensemble?  Hope you enjoyed reading my perspective on leather and lace.

Thank you and see you again soon. Xoxo, Dayna~

Iro leather jacket here  (Major sale!! Gives me a pit in my stomach because I wish I bought it on sale. Grab it at this price point while they still have sizing)  |  Mother Hustler Ankle Fray here and in black here  | Mock knit turtleneck in black here and in white here and here  | Lace booties similar here and here and in a budget friendly option here

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