I love a cozy cardigan…

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A woman’s closet would not be complete without a few cozy and chunky knit sweaters. Long gone are the days of ugly, itchy, scratchy sweaters that only served a utilitarian purpose. I tend to think sweaters are the unsung heros of fashion. Considered banal by some, they are often overlooked in favor of more fashionable pieces. However, modern day sweaters are now chic, feminine, and stylish. That being said, doesn’t it feel wonderful to bundle up in a soft, slouchy, oversized sweater or cardigan? I have a thing for sweaters and I love a cozy cardigan!

Cozy turned up to eleven…

When traveling, I always pack a cardigan or a sweater as a layering piece. Naturally, I arrived in San Diego armed with an arsenal of sweaters in my suitcase. I cannot tell you how many times a “cardigan” was the ideal go-to item for the perfect amount of warmth or the definitive addition to an outfit. Cardigans aren’t the prim and proper pieces they once were; they can be worn long, cropped, slouchy, or on their own. Hence, the utility of the cardigan lies in its versatility.

Ribbed…for cold weather protection

Hair status: Bed head disguised in the form of messy beach waves.

On the morning of our departure, I decided we couldn’t leave our charming Leucadia neighborhood without an impromptu photo shoot. I can confirm my cardigan successfully kept me warm while striking poses along this green stretch of driveway. This particular outfit also served as my six hour road tripping ensemble back to Arizona. I really enjoy taking road trips because of the company (my husband), the ever-changing scenery, and the fact that I can overpack without any guilt. The ability to kick off my shoes, snuggle in with a pillow and a blanket, and zone out while my husband does all the driving is also a major bonus. I really do my best to avoid becoming the nagging female back-seat driver. (Not that my husband would ever openly call my advice unwanted..wink!)

Crouching tiger, hidden cameraman

Even the gate to our condo was adorable and charming!

As far as cardigans go, this one from Abercromie & Fitch has been one of my favorite relaxed pieces this winter. You read that correctly….A&F. The length is ideal for layering and makes me look effortlessly put together. If my outfit could talk, these are the words it would utter, “Oh, this old thing? I just picked it up off the closet floor and threw it on over my t-shirt and jeans. But I still look pretty dang good, right?” It’s a simple and uncomplicated item that instantly elevates your look.

Unfortunately, this sweater sold out over the holidays, but I’ve linked similar items that will keep you insulated and feeling snuggled down.  My jeans are a high waisted ankle fray from Mother (one of my favorite brands). In keeping with a tonal vibe, I wore Stuart Weitzman’s Highland OTK boots in topo. I think it’s safe to say half the women in America owns a pair of these insanely popular boots or a variation thereof! I’m particularly keen on the gray-taupey shade of these boots because they can be worn with virtually any color. That’s a win-win situation in my fashion book!

Hence, when seeking an outfit for comfort, look no further than a relaxed sweater or cardigan, a soft buttery white tee, and a pair of jeans that allow for ease of movement. Over the knee boots….optional! Thank you for reading…xoxo, Dayna~

shop abercrombie & fitch : Rib Mix Cardigan (several colors, well priced and adorable!) | Blanket Cardigan cream (on sale)  |  Blanket Cardigan grey (on sale)
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