I got it from my (step) mama

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My step daughter, Isabella recently celebrated her 10th birthday and blogger’s husband and I presented her with a few gift options for her special day. I was beyond delighted our little girl wanted to go shopping for new clothes! It was music to my accessorized ears!! I literally needed a moment to appreciate what I was hearing. As a bonus mom, I like to think Isabella benefits from having two female figures in her life and perhaps one day she will say, I got it from my (step) mama!!

Isabella, my mini-blogette in the making. At the age of three, she was already smitten with, and trying on my sparkly Jimmy Choos!

I am a step-mother. I am a step-mom to three very unique and incredible children. To put it succinctly, becoming a step-mom was like a baptism by fire. (truly!) I can unequivocally confirm a host of challenges that come from unifying a blended family. However, blogger’s husband and I are also proof blended families can be successful. As far as second marriages go, we both brought our respective children into the relationship. I came with a mischievous 4 year old beagle, Napoleon. Grant became an immediate dog owner, while I became an instant bonus mom. Being a step-mom is not easy. It’s messy and complicated, but there is no shortage of communication and love in our household.

Only natural that I would give her tips on posing for pictures


GM STUDIO The Bell Sleeve Blouse • $279
Vivetta ruffled skirt • $299
Parker Jenay Gingham Off-the-Shoulder Blouse, Black/White • Parker • $118
Express Gingham Ruffle Mini Skirt • Express • $49.90
Women’s Wallis Tiered Bell Sleeve Blouse • Wallis • $63
Cédric Charlier gathered waist ruffled skirt • Cédric Charlier • $411
Topshop Stripe ruffle tie mini skirt • Topshop • $60

Since starting my blog, my step-daughter Isabella is acutely aware of my constant prepping, staging, and photo taking.  I asked her if she wanted to be included in one of my blog posts, and she took to the idea splendidly. Besides, why wouldn’t a birthday girl want it to be all about her? I certainly would!! I had always hoped she would embrace fashion as I have, and perhaps spending countless hours immersed in my closet as a toddler left an impression. (Not to mention creating a wicked mess)

A very long receipt from Isabella’s day of shopping. A couple of similar items to shop below.


Alice + Olivia Elliot Polka Dot Ruffle Blouse • Alice + Olivia • $250
WAYF Quinn Ruffle Skirt • WAYF • $98
Women’s Iro Silk Bell Sleeve Blouse • IRO • $221.98
MSGM Poplin Side Ruffle Skirt • MSGM • $261

Deals to left….deals to the right.

We hit Desert Ridge, a local shopping haunt in the North Scottsdale area. It’s a high traffic destination with people constantly milling about (makes for good people watching too). Consequently, Isabella displayed some initial trepidation in front of the camera and shyness around the onlookers. However, once I talked her through it, she really opened up and enjoyed herself. I’m thinking we could have the makings of another future blogger.

Proper positioning is key for a good photo!

Showing her the ropes…my little rule breaker is starting young.

And a blog post wouldn’t be complete without a solo pic of yours truly

It is my hope she will look back on our time together and realize she was being empowered to embrace her individuality and creativity through the lens of fashion. Clothes are simply another avenue of self-expression and originality.  I empower myself by investing in myself. I want her to see me as a confident, strong independent woman. As much as I love designer handbags, accessories, and clothes, those items are not what define me.  I want her to know she can do anything she sets her mind to by finding fulfillment in doing the things she loves. I am doing what I love and she sees how much joy it brings me. And that is a compelling and meaningful message to send to a sweet, impressionable young girl.

Although the items I’m wearing in this post are several years old, I’ve linked similar items as well as additional clothing items I am coveting such as this top and skirt!

Thank you for reading….Xoxo, Dayna~

Pinnacle HS Graduation

Bonus Pic: Proud moment with my step-son Tristan at his High School Graduation. Hence, the duck lips…clearly, my influence runs deep. This handsome guy is literally the spitting image of his Dad.

shop the post

LOVESHACKFANCY Ruffle Miniskirt • $295
Parker Ruffle Cold Shoulder Blouse • Parker • $74.97
Gathered Bell Sleeve Blouse • $69
Women’s J.crew Chambray Ruffle Skirt • J.Crew • $98
Parker Marjorie Cold Shoulder Blouse • Parker • $220
WAYF Freya Floral Ruffle Mini Skirt – 100% Exclusive • WAYF • $68
Parker Rihanna One Shoulder Blouse • Parker • $198
Scripted Gingham Tiered Ruffled Mini Skirt • $250


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