How to wear a pink fuzzy coat

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A trend that was everywhere this season, was faux fur! It’s equal parts function and equal parts flash; making it a great statement piece for the fashion forward woman. As many of you know, I really love the color pink. Therefore, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I found myself obsessing over pink coats this season. If you think wearing a pink coat is a bit over the top, I’m here to tell you that’s simply not the case. Pink is actually a nice neutral hue that can be worn with many colors. In addition, when paired with black, pink suddenly takes on the characteristics of its edgier counterpart. Oh, how I enjoy being a bad influence on “pink!” For those who think they’ll look like a walking pink Chewbacca, you need not worry. Here’s my guide on how to wear a pink fuzzy coat.

Think Pink…!

Look for the right fit: When purchasing a statement item, it’s important to pay attention to proportion and how the garment fits. Decide on the appropriate length. Do you want a cropped length or a mid-length coat? I tend to think a cropped length coat can look a bit edgier or more feminine, depending on the cut of the coat. Mid-length coats can also take on a more classy and tailored look. To avoid appearing like a pink abominable snowman, I would highly recommend staying away from a long fur coat. (but that’s only my opinion…wear what speaks to you and makes you happy! Remember, you don’t have to be confined to a set of rules!)

Shine bright like a pink fuzzy coat in the sun!

Make the coat the star: With a statement piece like a pink fuzzy coat, you want to ensure the coat takes center stage. Therefore, wear it with basic pieces that don’t take away from your coat. A statement piece should cohesively bring an ensemble together in a way that looks effortlessly pulled together. (even if there was a lot of thought and careful planning to the outfit…no one has to know!)

Go monochromatic: Who says you can’t wear pink on pink? Tone on tone works wonderfully with other neutral colors, so why not go monochromatic with pink? The key is keeping your pinks in the same tone and hue, so you don’t look like you blew up a candy store. More pink is never a bad idea when done correctly. Be bold by wearing pink on pink!

Wear pink with neutral tones: For those who want to keep things a bit more subdued, pink pairs great with colors such as soft taupes, grays, ivory, winter whites, white, and black. Wearing pink with any neutral color will also allow the coat to be the statement.

Too good to get benched…

How to style it: When it comes to a pink fuzzy jacket, proportions are important. A faux fur coat is naturally a bit top heavy. Hence, to keep things balanced, wear it with skinny jeans, slim fitting pants, a skirt or a dress. Over the knee boots are always one of my favorite things to wear with a skirt or a dress. Talk about a rocking look! Avoid wearing a mid-length fur coat with bulky bottoms. Keeping the bottom half free of bulk will also create a nice tapered silhouette. And who doesn’t like have a nice tapered silhouette?

Make the fur fly in a pink faux fur coat!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and thank you for reading! Xoxo, Dayna~

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