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Due to popular demand, and in keeping with fair play, I’ve been asked to create a Men’s Holiday Gift Guide. For those of you who know me, I have a difficult time saying “no” and always aim to please. Shopping for men can be a very daunting task. They are typically simple in their wants and needs, which can border on the primitive. They don’t fawn over frilly embellishments or take their time unwrapping gifts to save the pretty wrapping paper (guilty).  Women are adept at improving and refining their counterparts by coyly introducing items that enhance their men.  Admittedly, these gifts won’t elevate you into sainthood status, but they will be met with a great deal of gratitude and maybe some chest and fist bumping while humble bragging about his Christmas swag to his fellow man buddies.  So without further ado, here is a quick medley of gift ideas for the special man/men in your life.

1.  For men who are into fitness and an active lifestyle, the Fitbit watch is the perfect wearable tech accessory. Perhaps you’d like your guy to become more active…a fitness/activity tracker is literally a built-in motivator.  You may find yourself chuckling while witnessing your guy doing the fitbit shuffle or swing to ensure the device is tracking his every movement. Function meets fashionable with this gunmetal edition fitness tracker for $229. Buy at Bloomingdales.

2.  In keeping with the fitness theme, Nike’s flyknit unisex running shoe is the popular athletic shoe of the moment. It’s lightweight, monochromatic look adds a cool element to any ensemble. These kicks retail for $150 at Nike. Shop them here, here or here. (3 options to purchase as sizing is limited due to popularity)

3.  Is there anything more old school iconic than Adidas’s Stan Smiths? So the burning question….A-Dee-Daz or Uh-Dee-Dus? Are you urban or suburban? Whatever your style, you cannot go wrong with the shoe with the “three stripes” and a brand that has its own song by Run-DMC. “My ADIDAS!!” This is the legit OG. Buy them here.

4.  For the tv buff, Roku’s streaming media box can be a home run.  Instant gratification via streaming programming. Although other streaming media competitors are out there, Roku has been around the longest. If you are into the latest and greatest 4K tv’s, get the new Roku box. If you currently don’t have a 4K, the Roku 3 will fit the bill perfectly. According to my husband, Roku’s app catalog is the most thorough because it has been around the longest. And that’s all I’m saying about that other than I think it’s a fairly awesome and thoughtful gift to get for any guy. Disclaimer: Ladies, be prepared to find your guy glued to the couch surrounded by empty pizza boxes. Or perhaps it will be the other way around? Buy it here or here.

5.  Every man needs a nice travel bag to organize and house all his essential toiletries when traveling. I am particularly fond of this sleek gray crosshatch pattern from Herschel Supply Co. It is durable, water resistant and comes with a convenient carrying handle. It looks like a $50-60 bag, but retails for $30. Retail bargain hunters can rejoice because our pocketbooks will be padded with a little extra money, which will definitively be spent on ourselves!! Oh, I love how my mind works when it comes to my own personal acquisition. Buy this travel bag at Nordstrom.

6.  Montblanc’s Legend cologne is the stuff of legends. It’s a sexy and seductive scent that is literally like catnip for my olfactory senses. It’s a dreamy and pleasurable scent that fires off a sensory overload. You may not feel this way when you smell the sweet masculinity of this contemporary scent, but as for myself….it makes me swoon and weak in the knees. A sportier version is also available via Montblanc’s Legend Spirit. Another wonderful scent from Montblanc. Yum!!  Gift sets available at Nordstrom for $90. (best value) Shop Montblanc Legend here and Legend Spirit here.

7.  Frye’s Logan Leather billfold is another item to add to your man’s daily essentials because every man needs a sturdy, well constructed wallet. I love the patina on this slate colored wallet, which will only get better with time. The dark brown is also a very rich color, but the aged leather on the slate speaks to me the most. This item is $138 and is only available online at Nordstrom.

8.  For the coffee connoisseur, the Bodum pour over coffee maker makes a very robust and concentrated brew. Apparently this new method of brewing coffee has been gaining ground (pun intended) for its very distinctive and clean taste. It is a method that requires a special carafe, quality beans, and the patience to dispense water over a period of time.  Buy this coffee maker at Macy’s.

9.  Next on my list is the American Giant Hoodie with a cult following. This hoodie retails for $89, but is meticulously stitched using a quality heavyweight cotton. Every component of this hoodie, from start to finish, is created in the U.S. I fully endorse supporting businesses producing quality products that keep people gainfully employed in the United States. (I swear this is not a PSA or sponsored endorsement! ha!) Buy from Bloomingdale’s or here.

10. Christmas isn’t Christmas unless you’re buying men’s underwear for your guy. Your man will love you forever as soon as he wears his first pair of SAXX. You read that correctly. The men’s underwear I speak of is called SAXX. They are breathable, give enough support to feel comfortable, and don’t ride up. I know this can be a pet peeve for men. From what my husband has told me, this is my interpretation of wearing SAXX underwear. They are the Uber Black for your package and your balls couldn’t be more comfortable even if they were in a little, teeny, made-to-order sleeping bag. Ranging in price from $20-35 a pair, they are more expensive than your traditional tidy whities and well worth the splurge. They are offered in so many fun colors and patterns, both you and your honey can enjoy them!!  Buy them here.

11. Every man needs a pair of slippers or house shoes and UGG does not disappoint. They will keep your man’s unmanicured jagged toe talons nice and toasty during the colder months.  The traditional Scuff slipper retails for $100, while the Ascot suede slipper is $109. Does he want to be risque and show heel or does he want full coverage? You decide when you purchase them either here or here.

12. For the man who likes to keep his dome warm, this North Face classic wool beanie will do the trick. It’s made from a blend of sheep wool, yak wool, and cashmere. This beanie retails for $50 and can be purchased at Nordstrom.

13.  Another essential stocking stuffer are socks. Men now have the opportunity to get expressive with their feet via bold colorful patterns. Long gone are the days when men were dragging their feet about wearing boring socks. Now they can start their day on the right foot with these kitschy T-Rex socks from Paul Smith. Your man rocking T-Rex dinosaur socks for $30? Other men will wish the shoe, errr….I mean, the sock was on the other foot. Buy them here.

14. The North Face Thermoball Jacket is a versatile, go-to, article of clothing. It is lightweight, packable and stylish. Three for three. Did I mention it also helps brave the elements? I bought two of these jackets for my husband last year and he loves the style as well as the practicality. Ultra easy to pack, it barely takes up any room in his suitcase. The jacket retails for $220, while the vest sells for $149. Buy the jacket at Neiman Marcus and the vest at Nordstrom.

15. SAXX 3six five v-neck t-shirt is meant to be worn 365 days a year because of it’s durability and craftsmanship. Your skin will feel like it’s being cosseted in the softest fluffiest marshmallows. The tee shirt is $44.95 and can be purchased here.

16. I couldn’t resist adding this pj set to my list because it is called the “Grant” Pajama set, which also happens to be my husband’s name. How serendipitous?!?!  This also beseeches the question: Pa-jaa-mas or Pa-yaa-mas? Jogging or Yogging? Perhaps your man can yog himself to the bedroom in these cozy pa-yaa-mas from UGG for a reasonable $98. Buy them at Neiman Marcus.

This concludes my holiday gift guide for the Mens. If all else fails, there are always gift cards and beer! I’ve done some market research….ok, I asked around about beers and Dogfish Head, Goose Island, and Firestone Walker are all supposed to be really good IPAs for the beer aficionado.  Salud and thanks for reading!! xoxo, Dayna~

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