Fashionable winter dressing

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When thinking of summers, particularly Vegas summers, we tend to think of sweltering hot temperatures, pool parties, and scantily clad bodies soaking up the sun. However, Vegas winters can be arid and bitterly cold, with temperatures averaging in the 30’s and 40’s during December and January. Our Las Vegas trip at the beginning of January for CES (Consumer Electronics Show) surprised us with below average temperatures and snow! Yes, SNOW! When traveling, I always check the weather in an effort to pack sensibly and accordingly. Although we are quickly approaching spring, the cold temperatures haven’t completely left us, as you never know what mother nature has up her sleeve. Consequently, here are my tips for fashionable winter dressing when traveling to a cold weather destination.

How to look cool when it’s cold…

My first tip: Bring articles of clothing in a neutral palette to create a tone-on-tone look. Packing an interchangeable capsule wardrobe makes dressing much easier, while also providing multiple options for coordinating outfits. To add interest or showcase personality, accessories are always a good option for color. My red gloves add a pop of color to my mostly black and brown dominant ensemble. Chunky knit scarves or big blanket scarves are also a great way to stay cozy during those cold winter days or evenings. Accessories add dynamic punchiness to an outfit and generally don’t take up much space in a suitcase or carry-on. ¬†Again, wearing items that can be removed with ease is key.

Tip two: Pack items you can easily layer and remove in the event you get warm. I brought a faux fur coat, a lightweight Burberry trench, and a couple of long blazers, which provided ample warmth during the cold spell. I wear or bring my bulkier items on the plane so I have them on hand without taking up space in my suitcase. The black jacket I’m wearing under my coat is actually a trenchcoat dress I utilized as an additional layer to create some movement and dimension. I also packed a pair of fishnet stockings to wear with my trench dress, in the event a dress was appropriate for one of my husband’s business dinners. I’m all about getting creative with articles of clothing that can serve multiple purposes. I’ve linked similar items below.

Fuzzy lounging…

Left holding the bag…which is fine by me!

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Tip three: Never underestimate the power of a comfortable yet stylish flat shoe for walking. I always pack a pair of flats that can be worn with jeans, slacks, or a skirt. Consequently, my leather slip ons made a great walking shoe, although I should’ve packed a pair that covered my heels! As far as shoes go, leather slippers are simultaneously comfortable and chic depending on the style. I opted for a simple tuxedo-style pointed mule to create a preppy, polished look.

Because during winter…we layer

The obligatory “foot on a chair” pose…

Did I mention I love wearing gloves?

Tip four: Pack a multipurpose sweater, a blouse and a long sleeve tee-shirt as options for tops. A black cashmere sweater, white blouse, and a purple cashmere turtleneck sweater happened to be my choices for this trip. Purple works beautifully with both black and brown and can add a touch of boldness. To add some panache to your ensemble, opt for details such as lace embellishments, cut-outs, or big statement sleeves. Trend alert!! The statement sleeve will continue to dominate 2017’s spring season, so don’t roll up your sleeves just yet!

Sitting pretty despite being cold

Tip five: Get rid of extra pants taking up space in your suitcase because you don’t need them! A pair of jeans and a pair of pants will easily get you through a weekend trip. Consequently, no one will notice if you happen to wear the same jeans twice. I only packed two pairs of pants and was quite proud of myself for sticking to a versatile capsule wardrobe. There’s something to be said for being an efficient and smart traveler when it comes to packing your wardrobe essentials. Yay!

The empty streets on a cold sunday morning

Thank you for reading…hope you enjoyed my tips on fashionable winter dressing. Xoxo, Dayna!
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Love this post babe! You look amazing in all of the pics! Xo