Dress for Less….from Costco??

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Thinking about my next score from Costco….did I mention it’s one of my favorite places to shop?!?!

I absolutely love Costco. I’ve deemed this warehouse retailer the happiest place on earth, next to Disney. Where else can you buy a lifetime supply of assorted socks, a year’s supply of toilet paper, and industrial size tubs of butter while sampling a smorgasbord of various food items? This is the stuff of dreams, folks!  The hidden gem of Costco is just that….you never know what you will find while cruising down the aisles.

My love of crisp white denim has pushed itself beyond the labor day deadline. How unruly of me! These RtA jeans are thicker than your traditional summer denim, making it easier to work them into your fall wardrobe.

Some of my best finds have been discovered in Costco’s beauty and clothing departments; and I’m not talking about a four pack of ladies underwear or deodorant. If you can overlook the lack of visual merchandising, you will find a plethora of great finds.  I bought this sleeveless denim shirt by Buffalo Jeans at Costco for $12.99. You read that correctly…$12.99! I love a great find, but love a killer deal even more.

This denim shirt is fabulous as a layering piece or tucked into a skirt or a pair of jeans. (let’s not forget a pair of trousers) I’ve worn this item under a cropped cardigan, on it’s own with jeans, under a longer cardigan (as pictured), with black denim, and a denim skirt (for denim on denim). Suffice it say, I’ve gotten my $13 worth from this shirt.

Sitting on the ground while wearing white denim? Sure, why not? If you try to avoid getting your whites dirty, inevitably, they get dirty.


Work your cardigan like a shawl…

To sum it up, the next time you’re at Costco shopping for a carton of eggs and milk, stop by the clothing and beauty departments and take a quick look through their selections because you never know what little gems you will find. Sometimes Costco will restock an item, but most of the time, once an item is sold out, it’s gone. I’m sorry to say I couldn’t locate this item on Costco’s website, however, I’ve added links to similar shirts on sale and regular price.  And don’t forget to check your local Costco as not all Costco stores stock the same items. Happy shopping and styling! Thank you for reading, and dare to be a bit unruly….Dayna xoxo

Shop RtA denim here  |  Similar here and here (on sale)  |  Black camisole here  |  Sleeveless denim shirt here (sorry, not on sale and not $13)  similar  here (on sale)  |  Black sweater cardigan similar here and here  |  Gucci wedge sandals from several seasons ago similar here (these are gorgeous!) and here (very similar sole!)

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