Balanced through balance…

Who says girls can’t shred? Ok…I’m not really shredding, but it’s a ton of fun!

Who knew as an adult I would discover the joy of skateboarding. For some, fitness is defined by hitting the gym, lifting weights and doing cardio.  I used to spend countless hours in the gym working on my physique (this is not a knock on achieving fitness through the gym).  For me, it can be a monotonous and tedious experience.  Not only has finding fitness outside the gym walls been liberating, it has allowed me to revel in the beauty of our surroundings. Riding my horse, surfing and skateboarding are activities that require a tremendous amount of balance, which I learned I didn’t really have until I started my outdoor fitness journey.  I think it’s important to note that embracing our athletic side doesn’t diminish a woman’s capacity to have feminine allure. If anything, I believe it enhances and strengthens our feminine prowess!!

Pushing off….

Once I started skateboarding and surfing, I was shocked to discover how it positively impacted my overall balance on my horse. I was planted, less rigid, and was able to move more freely with the natural movements of my horse. For those of you who don’t ride, this is HUGE. Skating and surfing force your body and your mind to find your center of balance.

Moving around on my longboard…

Catch me if you can!

One of the things I love about skateboarding is how much fun my husband and I have together.  It always amazes me how much I sweat after one of our skate sessions. There are different types of skateboarding: longboarding, park skating, and my favorite….longboard dancing. Longboard dancing is super popular in Asia and Brazil and is starting to gain some momentum here in the U.S. As the board is moving, I’m also moving around on it, while controlling where the board goes.  Essentially, I am dancing on a moving platform. As I said before, skating is a great cardiovascular workout, a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors, and always puts a big smile on my face.

To quote the great Lady Gaga, “Just Dance!!”

How cool is the pattern on the back of my LOADED Bhangra board?

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