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“I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.”  Ahh, life according to Wednesday Adams from The Adams Family. Succinct and to the point. Is there a color as chic and versatile as black? It’s the ultimate fashion statement and anchor point in any girl’s wardrobe. With the dropping temperatures of the colder season, I tend to embrace richer hues (lots of black) as the cornerstone for my cold weather outfits. Black is a power color simply because, in theory, it encompasses all colors. Not only is black slimming, it’s easy, and exudes sexy confidence. That being said, I’m back in black with a couple of outfits for some visual inspiration.

With bold colors taking center stage this season, I felt it would be a nice change of pace to focus on black. A cleansing of the fashion palette via the color black, if you will. I can’t speak for everyone, but I like how I feel when I wear all black. In my world, it’s a fail-safe color choice. I feel polished and confident. I can look sexy, sophisticated, elegant, and maybe a bit mysterious, simply from wearing black. Many people like to wear black to blend in; but oftentimes, I prefer wearing black to make a statement.

Black blazer, black pants, Finders Keepers,

Oh….Hi there….Just having my moment in the sun.

For my first ensemble, I decided to wear a Lanvin vest as a dress. (thinking outside the box!) My lace bodysuit adds panache and texture, while also providing an element of visual interest. Sometimes lace can be a very bold statement. In this case, the lace balances the clean lines and simple silhouette of my vest. I also opted for strappy sandals to elongate my legs. Pumps are always an option, however, a simple strappy sandal does wonders for making legs appear longer and leaner. The illusion lies in the thin strap around the ankle and the strap around the toes. Obviously, I’m wearing a three-strap sandal, but the effect is the same. From a distance, it creates the illusion of bare feet, thereby, making legs look longer. The moral here is this: DO NOT shy away from the thin strappy sandal, ladies!

The exact same bodysuit I’m wearing can be found here.

Lanvin, Giuseppe Zanotti, Chanel, lace

Golden girl? Yep…when the sunset light hits you just right for that perfect golden glow.

Lanvin vest, Giuseppe Zanotti silver sandals, lace top

All laced up in this black body suit

Feeling a little extra….can you tell?

For my second outfit, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to wear with these front split pants. I was keen on something form fitting, but didn’t want it too tight. Therefore, I decided to wear a blazer and cleverly cinch my waist to draw attention to the flowiness of the pants. For that bit of extra, I added a flashy brooch at the end of my belt. Why? Because black always calls for a bit of flash. However, I always stay true to my own style in keeping it classy by sticking to classic, timeless pieces. In this instance, that classic piece is my black blazer.

Lovers & Friend, Richard Tyler, Chanel, Whiting & Davis

One high slit? Stylish. Double high slit? Epicly stylish.

I absolutely fell in love these double slit pants from Finders Keepers the moment I saw them. They ooze a sultry sexiness on every level. If you want a unique pant to showcase your legs, these are the pants for you. They are sexy, yet still leave much to the imagination. It’s the perfect melding of provocative refinement.

We all have basic black pieces in our closets, right? There are many ways to create an all-black look that is both memorable and worthy of turning heads. The key to avoid looking banal in black lies in choosing the right textures and silhouettes. When styling myself, I try to think about the  look I’m trying to convey. I would say I have a penchant for dressing sophisticated, albeit, understated. I don’t try to dress younger than my age, yet I also embrace trends I feel can work for my physique. I’m going to be brazen by stating many rules don’t apply to the color black. That’s the inherent beauty with this color; it imbues anything and everything. It’s the one color that can make anyone look like a million bucks, so rock the black and not the casbah!

Do you love wearing black? Is black simply part of your daily wardrobe? I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback. And as always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

Xoxo, Dayna~

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